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Nat Skywalker
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"Family takes care of family."
―Nat Skywalker to his nephew, Cade Skywalker

"Bantha" Rawk, born Nat Skywalker, was the older brother of Kol Skywalker, a former Jedi Master, and the chief mechanic of the Selonian Shipyards around 130 ABY. A direct descendant of Luke Skywalker, Nat left the New Jedi Order feeling he couldn't live up to his name, unlike his younger brother Kol, and took the alias "Bantha" Rawk to keep his true identity hidden. He made custom weaponry for his nephew Cade Skywalker, including the Rawk chopped special. He was married to a Kiffar named Droo, who was aware of his past, with Droo's daughter Ahnah, the Cathar Micah, and the Force-sensitive Skeeto as his stepchildren.




Early days

"He understood the Force in ways I never could, natural-born leader—what folks look for in a Skywalker."
―Nat Skywalker about his kid brother Kol
Nat meets his nephew Cade for the first time.

Little is known at this point about Nat's early life, what is known is that he was born into the famous Skywalker family and inherited the immense Force potential of that bloodline. He grew into a powerful Jedi Master in his own right, however he felt he could never live up to the Skywalker name, especially in comparison to his younger brother Kol Skywalker, who was a natural leader and a member of the Jedi Council.[1]

Nat knew of his brother's secret marriage to the Imperial spy Morrigan Corde, although he never really understood why until Kol brought his son Cade to Ossus. When Kol spent a lot of time on Coruscant on Jedi business, Nat helped raise Cade back on Ossus.[1]

Leaving the Order

"I left the Order—for reasons that are none of your dang business."
―Nat Skywalker to Cade Skywalker

Although the exact reason or time is unknown at this point, Nat eventually left the New Jedi Order and changed his name to "Bantha" Rawk to hide his Skywalker heritage.[1] At some point he became the chief mechanic of the Selonian Shipyards. He also met and married a Kiffar woman named Droo and adopted her daughter Ahnah, as well as the Cathar Micah, whom they rescued from slavers, and Skeeto. Droo knew about his true identity, although his adopted children did not.[1]

After the Massacre of Ossus Nat supplied weaponry to Cade who had become a bounty hunter as well as helping build Cade's ship, the Mynock.[2] The two kept each other's background a secret. He also took a shot at Jariah Syn after he tried to seduce Ahnah.[3]

Nat Skywalker's family.

Family life on Iego

"Droo, the kits—they're everything to me."
―Nat to Cade

At some point by 137 ABY, Nat's family was living on their "Nest" the fabled planet Iego. He had good business with a Shipmaster Ure'monbarak on Mon Calamari, which supported his family. They were fighting off Black Sun pirates when the crew of the Mynock arrived to help.[3]

Sometime later, during a party, Nat pulled Cade aside to discuss what he had been up to. Nat started to berate him for all the stupid things he had been doing, but at that moment Nat learned Cade had met his mother, immediately changing the topic of the conversation. Nat told Cade everything he knew about Morrigan Corde, and apologized for her desertion.[1]

After watching images of the Sith Massacre of New Coral City and Krayt's edict for genocide, Cade planned to take down Krayt but Nat told him that it was stupid. They punched each other, giving each other a bloody nose, deciding to sort out things in the morning. But after Cade had talked with the spirits of Luke and Kol and had a death stick ingestion, Nat defeated an intruder who turned out to be Azlyn Rae, a former Jedi apprentice turned bounty hunter. She proved useful when a Sith Imperial scouting party arrived based on reports of the Mynock from the Black Sun thugs whom they had driven off. After the confrontation, Cade decided he was going to kill Darth Krayt, and needed allies. Cade didn't trust Emperor Roan Fel or Admiral Gar Stazi, but he couldn't find the scattered Jedi. It was then that Nat revealed the location of the Hidden Jedi Temple to Cade.[1]

Leaving Exile

Nat left Iego to travel with Cade to the Hidden Temple, where he was granted an audience with the Jedi Council, alongside Cade and a group of Imperial Knights.[1][4]

After Cade had told the Council of his idea to assassinate Krayt, Nat talked about it with the Council. He expressed his feelings that while Cade had definitely become darker, he may have the right idea, since Krayt was committing genocide against the Mon Calamari. Despite this, the Council ultimately chose to not go through with the assassination plan. Nat then went to Kiffu to reunite with his family.

After his assassination mission, which ended in Krayt being killed by his adviser afterward, Cade rushed a mortally wounded Azlyn Rae to see Nat and Droo, hoping that they could help him save her.

Cade and his crew eventually reached Kiffex, and Cade handed Azlyn over to Nat and Droo. Droo said she could only save Azlyn if she wanted to be saved, and Cade said she did. Cade tried to help them, but Nat refused to allow it since Cade's healing powers kept pushing him towards the dark side. While Droo and Nat tried their best, Azlyn rejected their attempts to heal her. Nat refused to give up, and decided on a desperate measure: placing Azlyn in a life supporting suit for mortally wounded Kiffu guardians. Droo didn't like the idea, thinking it would make Azlyn the next Darth Vader. Nat, however, said his ancestor was evil, and the suit had nothing to do with it. They went through with the plan.

The suit allowed Azlyn to live, but she wasn't happy about it. She had been ready to accept death and didn't want to be saved, and also was mad about her new suit that she could never take off. When Cade returned, Droo said that he had lied to them, which prompted her and Nat to declare that he couldn't come back for a long time, if at all.

Personality and traits

"Gotta enjoy what we got while we got it—be around those who we care about and who care about us."
―Nat to Cade Skywalker

In his old age Nat was a gruff man, although his family meant everything to him.[1] Unlike his younger brother, Kol Skywalker, Nat felt that he could not live up to the family name, thus leaving the Order and taking an alias to keep his identity a secret.

Powers and abilities

"I'm a bit rusty on the mind tricks stuff."
―Nat Skywalker
Nat Skywalker overpowers Azlyn Rae.

Like all members of the Skywalker bloodline, Nat was extremely powerful in the Force. Even after years of not using the Force, Nat easily overpowered Azlyn Rae, despite being unarmed while she had a lightsaber to his throat. He was skilled with telekinesis, though that wasn't the case with mind tricks, as his wife forbade him practicing it with their children.[1]

Nat was also an extremely gifted mechanic, (another common Skywalker ability) as seen by his construction of his adopted son Micah's legs after they rescued him from slavers.[1] He also helped build the Mynock, and constructed the "Rawk Chopped Special"—Cade's custom made weapon of choice.[2]


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