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Banora Village is a small location in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Unlike other locations, the village is home to many secrets, and it is the only location of which Banora Apples grow because of the village's rich soil. Banora is located on the Mideel continent, as evidenced by the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Ultimania.
Banora Village

Some of the cast from Crisis Core were born and lived in Banora Village, such as both Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley, who become best friends despite the great number of differences between their families, and Gillian Hewley, mother of Angeal. Genesis' family was rich because they were the landlords of Banora, whilst Angeal's family was poor. The Banora White apples grew on their respective trees in the orchard which formed a pathway up to the main residential area of the village. The largest tree was noted to grow just outside Genesis' house, said to produce the tastiest apples in Banora. The Banora Whites seemed to have a rich taste, and held many health benefits. Due to the mysteries of the apple, it was dubbed by the people of Banora the "Stupid Apple" or "Dumbapple". Banora Village also had its own company of making "Banora White Apple Juice".

Banora White Apple Juice.

These cans of apple juice are seen throughout the game many times, but are sometimes hidden for Zack to find. There are also a few cans within a locked room within the Shinra Mansion. Dr. Hollander seems to be a fan to this apple juice since he wears a shirt with the Banora White Apple Juice logo on it. In the history before Crisis Core, it would turn out that Genesis Rhapsodos, a young boy, won a competition for the idea of Banora White Apple Juice and had it made. It would become a trademark for Banora.


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Zack Fair and Tseng are sent to Banora Village to find Genesis' parents to see if their son had contacted them. They would find that the village was awfully quiet, and that Genesis had killed his supposed 'parents'. Genesis had moved into a warehouse on the edge of town where he would stay and experiment with his clones as well as use Banora as his stronghold. Soon after, Angeal's mother Gillian kills herself, and Zack is led to believe that Angeal murdered her. Zack defeats the Bahamut that Genesis had summoned, and the village of Banora gets bombed by Shinra to cover up any trace of Genesis' clone army.

Early production art of a Banora villager as a Genesis Copy from the Crisis Core Ultimania.
The "Gift of the Goddess"
Zack would not return to Banora until they trace Genesis back to it. Ever since Shinra had destroyed the village, it was left in ruin. However, it had opened up passageways to the Banora Underground that had never been seen before. One of the passageways lead to an underground chamber where a tall tree holds an enormous materia called the "Goddess Materia". However, you must insert the Light Materia, the Heaven Materia, the Star Materia, the Grand Materia, the Life Materia, the Sabbath Materia, and the Being Materia into a pedestal. These are the few of the many mysteries which surround Banora. This materia disappears after Genesis uses its supreme powers and merges with it and the Lifestream to become Genesis Avatar. Once he is defeated in both Genesis Avatar and his pre-degradation form, he is taken out of the underground chamber by Zack and is placed on the outskirts of the village with Lazard and Cloud Strife under a Banora Apple Tree. Zack gets a Dumbapple for Genesis, Cloud and himself. Lazard returns to the Lifestream, and the Angeal clone does the same soon after. It leaves behind a letter written by Aerith. Zack reads the letter. He and Cloud then return to Midgar. Genesis is left under the tree, unconscious. A Shinra Helicopter arrives a few meters away from him, and out comes two people dressed in 1st Class SOLDIER uniforms, but wearing the Deepground emblem on their belts. These two are Weiss and Nero. They both take Genesis' body, and leave Banora.


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