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race: Human, African American
affiliation: Rivet City Council
role: Owner of Potomac Attire
location: Rivet City
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: The Wasteland Survival Guide
Council Seat
karma: Good
SPECIAL: 5ST, 5PE, 4EN, 7CH, 5IN, 5AG, 5LK
base id: 156B5
ref id: 1E74B

Bannon, 30[1], is the owner of Potomac Attire, a clothing store in the Rivet City marketplace, and a member of the Rivet City City Council in the year 2277.



Bannon thinks that he is the most important person in Rivet City and when asked about the history of the city, he will tell the player he is the founder. This is not the truth and many are aware of this, though he still maintains it. He also apparently has a "social problem" (i.e., an STD) as noted by Doctor Preston on his terminal.

Bannon was born 2247.

Interactions with the player character

Main article: Council Seat

Bannon mentions that his council seat is being contested by Seagrave Holmes. He wants you to look for incriminating evidence against his opponent.

He will also tell you the history of Rivet City for The Wasteland Survival Guide.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Dirty Pre-War Casualwear N99 10mm Pistol Bannon's Room Key
Bannon's Key


Still suffering from his "social problem." Keep on penicillin, and try to convince him to watch out in the future.


  • Bannon can be found locked inside Dr. Li's room at Rivet City at any point during the game. If the player has already escorted Dr Li to the Citadel there is no way to rescue Bannon without lockpicking the door. If you do not lockpick the door he will remain inside indefinitely and can be heard shouting "Is anybody there?"


Bannon only appears in Fallout 3.


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Rivet City

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