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Players can use tabs to organise the items in the bank.

Bank organisation is the practice of rearranging the items in a player's bank account, especially using the tabs to classify items into categories. A disorganised bank is a common problem amongst many players, and can make finding the right item when it is needed difficult.

Banks can become disorganised when:

  • A player has not cleaned out their bank before
  • A player keeps every item received without discarding or selling any items, especially those items obtained from quests
  • A player's account is stolen and the thief rearranges the bank and drops/destroys items.

Organising the bank can be a quick and easy task, especially for newer players.


Saving space

Some great ways to remove clutter are:

  • Destroy all non-tradeable holiday items; of course if players like to wear a specific holiday item they can go ahead and keep it, but the ones that just take up bank space and are never worn or used can be destroyed. If players want these items in the future, they can still get them back by speaking to Diango, in Draynor Village.
  • Drop all Quest items; during some quests players will receive items that they will never need again once they have completed the quest. These are the items that seem to clutter up most players' banks. Players can drop (or destroy) these items. This will save a lot of bank space. However, some items gained in a quest are needed for a future quest.
  • An easy way to remove old quest items is to visit the Wise Old Man who can search through your bank for you.
  • Drop useless items, such as burnt fish.
  • Drop, use or sell items that can easily be regained if needed, such as ashes or bones
  • Sell crops from Farming; farmers, especially beginning farmers have a lot of junk crops, such as cabbages. These have some uses (for example, in Cooking or for paying a gardener to watch over growing crops), but players may find the bank space more useful.
  • Make use of a Costume Room; players who have embraced the art of Construction and have adorned their home with a Costume Room can buy mahogany flatpacks. Players can use the appropriate storage spaces to hold the armour and clothing that seems to take up space.
  • Make use of a Menagerie; players who have embraced the art of Construction and have adorned their home with a Menagerie can store their pets here. The maximum amount of pets allowed in the menagerie is 10, though. Only adult, fully-grown pets can be stored in the menagerie.
  • Use a Steel key ring to store several different keys.

Tips and hints

Players can add up to eight custom tabs to help organise their bank.

With the Bank Update and Item Lending update of 14 July 2008, Jagex added an update to include tabs to sort items and help re-arrange items in the bank[1]. The tab farthest to the left is the main bank tab (the infinity symbol "∞"), which will display the entire contents of the player's bank account.

If players want to create a new tab, simply drag an item to the '+' tab. Clicking on this tab will show only the items within this tab. The first slot in any tab (except the main tab) will show up as an image to show what is in the tab. An example of a good tab is as follows:

A maximum of eight custom tabs are allowed, in addition to the main tab, which lists all items in the bank. Players may choose how to organise their tabs

Category Commonly accessed items Armour and weapons Magic and Runecrafting items Mining equipment Woodcutting and Firemaking items Crafting items Cooking items Miscellaneous
Example items Explorer's ring, Money Armour sets and Scimitars Staves and Talismans Pickaxes and Ores Axes and Logs Gems and Leathers Raw and cooked food Outfits (if not stored in Costume room)

Players should keep the first slot in their bank in the first tab as coins for easy access. If you need any more help, click the Question Mark button "?" located next to the close button in the bank window.

Players can buy their armour in sets, especially Barrows equipment. For example, if a player has the Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints Capes of Accomplishment, as well as two sets of all Barrows armour, they may organise their bank like this:

Attack hood Attack cape Strength hood Strength cape Defence hood Defence cape Hitpoints hood Hitpoints cape
Dharok's helm Dharok's platebody Dharok's platelegs Dharok's greataxe Torag's helm Torag's platebody Torag's platelegs Torag's hammers
Guthan's helm Guthan's platebody Guthan's chainskirt Guthan's warspear Verac's helm Verac's brassard Verac's plateskirt Verac's flail
Karil's coif Karil's leathertop Karil's leatherskirt Karil's crossbow Ahrim's hood Ahrim's robetop Ahrim's robeskirt Ahrim's staff

This is a very clever way to organise the bank, especially if players do have four skillcapes, and all Barrows armour. This is because the four capes would take up two slots each, one for the hood, one for the cape. The capes will take up the whole first line of the bank tab. There are four pieces to each Barrows set, not including bolt racks for the Karil's crossbow, there are six sets of armour, this means that the next three lines of the bank would be all Barrows armour. All armour sets on RuneScape typically will take up four spots, if stored properly. One argument is that Bandos and Armadyl armour will not take up four spots, but if players have the corresponding godswords they will be able to successfully follow the rule of four.

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  1. ^ Bank Update and Item Lending. RuneScape News List. Jagex (2008-07-14). Retrieved on 2009-03-17. β€œTo help you with some belated Spring cleaning, we have introduced a few changes to your bank. Tabs and search functions are here to help clear the mess! Up to eight separate tabs can be created to organise your bank. To create a new tab, simply drag and drop an item from the main bank tab (marked with an infinity symbol) to the tab marked with a '+'. Once a new one is created, you can move items into and out of it. For easy identification, each tab has its own icon, which it takes from the item that sits in the first slot of that tab.”

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