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Bank of Aargau
Organizational information
Parent organization

InterGalactic Banking Clan


Financial District, Coruscant

Primary role(s)

Financial transactions

Chronological and political information

The Bank of Aargau was a subsidiary of the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The Bank has a large branch in the Financial District of Coruscant and was headquartered on Aargau. After the Battle of Dorvalla, the stolen credits that made their way to the Valorum family were channeled through the Bank. The IG codes used to communicate with the bank were the basis for the codes Grievous used to communicate with the Separatist Council.

The Bank of Aargau was responsible for handling nearly every aspect of financial transactions on Aargau and as a result the bank was a primary driving force behind the government on Aargau. The Bank of Aargau Security, Limited was a subsidiary of the Bank of Aargau and was responsible for ensuring the security of their vaults, and was large enough to secure the neutrality of the planet Aargau during the Galactic Civil War.

Walon Vau had an account in the Bank of Aargau where he invested both his mercenary earnings and his Cuy'val Dar fee.

In 40 ABY the bank had a branch on Coruscant where Boba Fett had an account.


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