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Map and diagram of Bandos' throne room

The Bandos agility course is an Agility course which can be used after completing The Chosen Commander quest. It is a fairly short agility course and can be found in the Bandos' throne room. It requires 60 Agility to start the course

The Agility Course

A set of statues, a ledge, and the throne itself make up the agility course in the room, as shown on the diagram. Level 60 Agility, Ranged and Strength along with a mithril grapple and a crossbow are required for the course. The route is the same that you, as Zanik, took in the quest.

To run the course, the player first climbs onto the goblin statue (1 on the diagram) in the middle of the room, then jump across orc and ogre statues and onto the big ourg statue (6) that is holding the bowl in front of the throne. From there, the player jumps west across some more statues and onto the west ledge (10). From there, a mithril grapple and a crossbow are used to grapple an ourg statue's spear (11) so that the player can swing onto Bandos' throne (12). Players can jump down from the throne and repeat the course.

Obstacle Experience
Statue jump (8 times) 2 per jump
(16xp total)



Total 380

Failure of obstacles can occur at all Agility levels. A high level does not reduce the failure rate, judging by reports on the official forums. High-levelled players report they can fail all statues but the Ourg carrying the water bowl seems to be the obstacle failed most often.


  • On release, the bonus experience for completing the course was 584, but was quickly lowered to 364 with a forums notification from Jagex. The Ranged and Strength experience was reduced from 250 experience to 125 experience as well.
  • The training speed was effectively cut by over 60%, making it slower than the Wilderness agility course and drawing many complaints on the forums.
  • While doing the Agility Course, if you're at the north ledge, you can see what appears to be another throne room.

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