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For the God Wars Dungeon boss, see General Graardor.
For the Bandos armour, see Bandos armour
The Bandos symbol as once shown on the main page.
The symbol of Bandos

Bandos (also known as the Big High War God, Goblin God and Sky Goblin by the goblins) is a god of war and the deity of many of Gielinor's less intelligent races such as goblins and ogres, although orks and some ogres at least know his name (according to the High Priest in Land of the Goblins). Until recently, Bandos was almost completely forgotten by the humans of Gielinor due to his disappearance after the God Wars.



The only known image of Bandos himself.
  • Side: War & Violence
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol:The symbol of Bandos (Can be found rotated or mirrored)
  • Colour(s): Green, brown
  • Race : God

Bandos and the God Wars

The Godsword, a weapon Bandos followers fought to obtain, donning the Bandos hilt smithed by the Orks.
The entrance to Bandos's Stronghold, Bandos' camp in the God Wars Dungeon.

Bandos was one of the most active fighters in the Third Age, also known as the God Wars. It would seem Bandos arrived during the wars, and according to goblin religion, he attempted to recruit many of the world's races to fight for him. The dwarves, demons, and humans all refused, as they were already fighting for others gods such as Armadyl, Saradomin, Seren, Zamorak and many other gods who arrived to fight. Eventually Bandos managed to recruit a number of followers, mainly consisting of many different unintelligent and bloodthirsty races.

During the God Wars, Bandos seemed to fight for the mere sake of battle. His allegiance was ever-shifting, his sole desire to revel in the bloodshed that threatened to destroy the world. While at times he fought alone, he is known to have entered alliances with Armadyl and Saradomin. This was merely so that he could win certain battles, and once these were over, he quickly turned upon them. Wilderness was one of the main sites where armies of Bandos battled, adding the chaos and confusion to armies of Saradomin and Zamorak, who were destroying the remnants of Zaros' empire there.

Bandos's army is one of the four combatants in the God Wars Dungeon battle, which is even today being fought over the mighty Godsword. Despite the fact that the God Wars ended over 4,000 years ago, the battle is still raging on, as its combatants were frozen during combat. His army consists mainly of unintelligent races that primarily use melee combat, although they do have a smaller number of archers and mages.

When the God Wars came to an end and the Edicts of Guthix were put in place, Bandos left Gielinor, although he still has a small but ever-growing group of followers. Some goblins say he left for new plans; others say he left because he was scared and could not make some of his followers fight.

Bandos' Return

Recently, Bandos attempted to enact his plan to conquer Runescape by reasserting his authority over his followers (Ogres, Orks, Goblins, etc), and amassing them into a mighty army, using the Goblins (the Dorgeshuun tribe in particular) as his heralds. By using the peaceful Dorgeshuun for his warlike purposes, he hoped to punish them for abandoning his cause in the God Wars. However, his "Chosen Commander," the one to lead this army, broke free of his control. She then launched a counterattack against the War God, and succeeded destroying the pendant Bandos had been using to exert his will on the Goblins of RuneScape. With the pendant destroyed, and much of Bandos' power with it, it currently seems unlikely that Bandos will be able to rebuild his strength for another assault in the foreseeable future.

The Goblins

This is the Goblin High Priest being possessed by Bandos.
Yu'biusk as it appears today, destroyed by war.

Bandos found the first goblins during his search for followers that would fight for him in the God Wars. He discovered them in a separate world known as Yu'biusk. This massive world was large and marshy, with massive mushrooms and other strange plants and structures covering the surface; overall, it was rich and fertile. Bandos forced the goblins to come with him to Gielinor, training them in the ways of combat and ultimately turning them into brutal and violent warriors. Yu'biusk and all that remained were all but destroyed; the once rich land was charred black, covered in craters and poisoned sludge. By the end of Bandos's reign, it was completely uninhabitable. The goblins, who were much stronger and more numerous than they are today, fought for Bandos in twelve different tribes:

The tribes served him unquestioningly, referring to him as the "Big High War God". Bandos used the goblins wastefully, sending them to battles that they could not possibly win for mere sport. Today many of the tribes have been wiped out entirely.

One tribe, the Dorgeshuun, fled his rule, realising that they would be forced to extinction if they followed him any longer. Bandos, enraged, banished them to a life beneath the surface, intending to punish them. The Dorgeshuun, however, soon adapted, constructing the grand city of Dorgesh-Kaan. The Dorgeshuun now oppose violence in all its forms and are amongst the most peaceful races in Gielinor. Most goblins today are still similar to their ancestors, although their strength has greatly diminished and their violent ways have eased slightly

The Ogres

Little is known of Bandos's involvement with the ogres. Bandos is believed to have led the ogres into the Feldip Hills during the God Wars, where they established Gu'tanoth and enslaved the peaceful skavids. It is noted that in Oo'glog there is a mud bath known as the "Bandos pool" which could signify the Ogres' allegiance to him.


The altar to Bandos in General Graardor's chamber.

In Goblin religion it is believed that Bandos will one day send the "Chosen Commander" to Gielinor, who will then lead the goblins to victory over the rest of the world (Except by Grubfoot who believes chosen commander will bring peace to the goblin race). The Dorgeshuun goblin Zanik was the Commander. The Goblins are also expected to follow a series of commandments that detail Bandos's demands. The commands were given at a battle with goblins. They fought the 'Beardy-Short-People', (Dwarves), here, as well as the evils of the 'God of Dark Flame' (Zamorak). They are, as follows:

"Not to run from battle. Cowards must die!

Not to show mercy. Merciful must die!

Not to doubt Big High War God. Doubters must die!

Not to make own plans. Thinkers must die!"

Whether or not these exact commandments are followed by Bandos's other followers is unknown, although they likely follow similar rules. Bandosian religion puts great value on war, strength, and subservience to Bandos.


General Graardor, the last of an extinct race that once served Bandos. His massive strength and size made him a valued general in Bandos's army.

Bandos has one of the largest following in all of RuneScape. Most of his followers are depicted as ugly and bad-tempered beings with low intelligence. It's mainly their stupidity, dispersed numbers, and disorganisation which prevented them from causing serious problems for the rest of the world. These followers include:

These are also possibly followers of Bandos:


Bandos's symbol as seen on FunOrb.
  • There is a gravestone which bears the Bandos symbol. This type can be purchased only in Keldagrim, the dwarven capital city.
  • The name Bandos may be a derived from a Burmese fighting style called Bando, which is a freehand fighting style. This is supported by General Graardor as he only uses hand to hand combat much like bando fighters. The Burmese symbol for Bando is very, very close to the symbol used to align items to Bandos. This is a very likely reference used as Jagex uses many cultural references in their games.
  • There are very few items dedicated to Bandos at the moment. These include the ancient mace, Granite mace, Bandos armour, and the Bandos Godsword. Additionally, if players have completed As a First Resort..., you may use the Bandos Pool. This marks the player as a follower of Bandos, and ensures that he/she will not be attacked by his followers in the God Wars Dungeon for one hour.
  • Bandos is the first major God to directly converse with a player character during quests, followed by Zaros. Prior to this, players had encountered lesser deities during the desert quests, like Amascut/Devourer. Previous instances were while wearing item dedicated to different god in waiting room of Castle Wars minigame.
  • According to Bandos's Ultimatum, Bandos' preferred weapon is a mace.


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