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Bandit Weapons are a special category of Weapons.



Each different Bandit Weapon is given out with a different length of subscription:


As with any weapon, Bandit Weapons are meant to be equipped. When equipped they transform the player into one of the Riktus Bandits. If unequipped, you need to wait 1 minute before equipping it again.



  • You can't use a Mount when wearing a Bandit Weapon.
  • You can't use ANY emote (If you choose to "sit" or "rest", you still regain HP but there is no animation). *Note, as of the newest Dofus patch, you CAN use all of the basic emotes. If any of the found emotes can be used while wearing a bandit weapon is as of currently not known.

Leveling Up

  • A Bandit Weapon gains XP each time you fight monsters with it equipped. It takes ALL of your XP, so you will not be able to gain any levels for your character while using it.
  • While there is no progress bar, Ankama released an XP Table explaining how much exp a bandit weapon needs to level up each level.
  • You can't upgrade your spells by your own, every spell will grow up 1 level for each 10 incarnation levels.
  • At maximum level (Incarnation level: 50) all spells are level 6.



Weapon Image Turns you into Image
Staff of the Wandering Bandit Staff of the Wandering Bandit Wandering Bandit Wandering Bandit
Bow of the Bandit Archer Bow of the Bandit Archer Bandit Archer Bandit Archer
Bandit Sorcerer's Wand Bandit Sorcerer's Wand Bandit Sorcerer Bandit Sorcerer
Sword of the Swashbuckling Bandit Sword of the Swashbuckling Bandit Swashbuckling Bandit Swashbuckling Bandit


Bandit Weapon Number of
incarnation levels
Staff of the Wandering Bandit 10 +1 Resist Air, +1% Resist Air, +1 Resist Water, +1% Resist Water, +1 Resist Fire, +1% Resist Fire, +1 Resist Earth, +1% Resist Earth
Bow of the Bandit Archer 2 +1 Agility, +1 Chance, +1 Intelligence, +1 Strength
Bow of the Bandit Archer 25 +1 Range
Bandit Sorcerer's Wand 1 +1 Agility, +1 Chance, +1 Intelligence, +1 Strength
Sword of the Swashbuckling Bandit 10 +1 Critical hit


  • Makes you lose your spells
  • Gives you 20 new spells
  • At the start, each of your spells is level 1. For every 10 levels of bandit experience gained, the level of all your spells raises by 1.
Clan Spells
Image:Fire.pngFire Image:Water.pngWater Image:Earth.pngEarth Image:Air.pngAir
Wandering Bandit
  • Mineral Blow
  • Whack o' Earth
  • Seismic Crush
  • Wanderer's Fury
  • Mini'jack
Bandit Archer
Bandit Sorcerer
Swashbuckling Bandit

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