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Bandit Set Elements

Type/Level/Name Effects
Amulet (16)
Lars Amulet
Belt (15)
Robber Belt
Ring (17)
Gangster Ring
Dagger (12)
Robber Daggers
Steals 6~10 Kamas
  • Crit. Hit Bonus: +5
  • Crit. Hit: 1/30
  • Failure: 1/50

Bandit Set Bonus

Number of items equipped:

Items Bonus
1 No bonus
2 +30 Vitality, +3 Damage
3 +40 Vitality, +5 Damage, +50 Initiative
4 +50 Vitality, +7 Damage, +100 Initiative

Complete Bandit Set Effects

Characteristics Attack Defense Miscellaneous


The Bandit Set pieces can be dropped from Rogues Clan's Bandit, or crafted.

When Prespic Set (Hat, Cloak & Ring) & Bandit Set (Amulet, Ring, Belt & Daggers) are combined together (excluding the Prespic Belt), a very good combination is created. With a total of about 16~23 Damage added to any weapon or spell, no matter what element, it will give lots of damage. This combination is highly common with:

Also getting an Atooin for an extra 10 Damage can be nice.


Bandit Set was previously known as Robber Set.


To craft all elements of this set you will need :

Number Item
20 Small Agility Ring
1 Small Bear Amulet
20 Small Chance Ring
8 Small Croclage Daggers
20 Small Magic Ring
3 Small Nimble Belt
1 Small Owl Amulet
8 Small Smithy Daggers
3 Small Strong Belt
8 Small Twiggy Daggers
3 Small Vital Belt
1 Small Wolf Amulet

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