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Bandit camp mining site
File:Hobgoblin mine map.PNG
Also known as? 37 Wilderness Mine
Location North of Bandit Camp, north-west of Wilderness Volcano
Members only? No
Rocks 16 Iron rocks
20 Coal rocks
22 Mithril rocks
8 Adamantite rocks
Monsters Hobgoblins
Requirements None
A player standing in the Hobgoblin Mine.

The Bandit camp mining site or the Hobgoblin Mine is a mining site found in the Wilderness from levels 34 to 37. The mine is occupied by a large number of hobgoblins, from whom the mine gets its nickname. In addition, revenants of varying levels may wander into the area at any time. Prior to the removal of player-killing in the Wilderness on 10 December 2007, the mine was a hotspot for player-killers hoping to kill miners for their ore.

This site is also a nice spot to train Smithing in the wilderness, as it has a furnace east of it, and an anvil south-west of it. Players wishing to mine and/or smith here should first deposit their items at the Wilderness Volcano bank nearby.

One positive thing about this dangerous Wilderness mine is that it is in a one-on-one combat area. Most of the time, the miners will be attacked by the Hobgoblins, however Revenants can attack the miners, as they have dominance over other NPCs in the Wilderness. Since the mine is higher than level 30 Wilderness, players cannot teleport out. With the introduction of Bounty Hunter this mine was moved 4 levels deeper into the wilderness. Before this mine was moved the teleportation problem could be solved by carrying an Amulet of Glory which can teleport up to level 30 Wilderness, however the amulet is for members only.

The mine is also the location of a level 3 Treasure trail , a Zamorak wizard will attack.

The Hobgoblin Mine features one of the most abundant supplies of Mithril and Adamantite ores in a single location in the entire game, along with one of the mining locations unlocked in the haunted mine quest, which is closer to a bank. Coal and Iron rocks are also scattered around the area.

In total, the mine contains:


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