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This article is about a camp in the Wilderness. For the camp in the Kharidian Desert, see Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert).
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Location on World map
Lava Maze
Ruins (west) Bandit Camp (Wilderness) Wilderness Volcano
Dark Warriors' Fortress

The Bandit Camp is an outlaw stronghold located in levels 18 to 24 Wilderness. It is rarely visited by players due to its remote location, far distance from a bank or teleport, lack of local resources, and the inherent risk of the Wilderness-dwelling Revenants.



The entrance.

The Bandit Camp can only be entered from two ways: the south, and the east, as it is surrounded by walls. The south entrance is guarded by level 22 Bandits. To enter the player must walk from levels 18 to 20 Wilderness along a narrow pathway with lava on either side, or go though the safer way, from the east where there is a break in the wall. This entrance is guarded by two giant rats, and one of them is of the aggressive level 6 variety.

The Camp

Although little information regarding this camp has been released, it is led by the three non-player characters with the highest combat level and unique names; Black Heather, Speedy Keith and Donny the lad. They all wield Steel scimitars and wear capes, in comparison to the regular Bandit weapon, the longsword.

Most of the camp seems to have been destroyed; many of the buildings are falling apart. It is possible that this is the remains of a fortified city destroyed during the God Wars, as many other ruins located in the Wilderness are; the bandits may have found and populated its ruins.



Bandit Duty Free

The bandit camp general store, owned by Notterazzo, is one of 4 general stores that used to buy items at the high level alchemy cost, as opposed to the normal general store cost. If players talk to Notterazzo about his store buying at high prices, he will say that the tax collector does not tax his store. Since the Grand exchange update, however, the prices seem similar to those in Piscatoris Fishing Colony, more favorable than regular general store prices but none of the stores will pay high alchemy price, and all decrease their purchase price as the player items increase. Posty Pete is also seen talking to Notterazzo on occasions.

Wilderness cape store

Neil sells Wilderness team capes ending in the number 7. He is located in (or near) the remains of the building next to the General Store .

Tony's Pizza Bases

Tony's pizza store, with tomato and cheese respawns on the table.

The camp has a kitchen to the north, which contains tomato and cheese respawns. It is also home to an outlaw named Fat Tony, who had to flee Misthalin after he was accused of attempted regicide by poisoning the King's food. The Bandits protect him as long as he continues to make pizzas for them.

Tony will sell pizza bases for 4 coins each. This, coupled with the respawns in the room and the Range in the kitchen, means that a player with adequate funds could buy and make pizzas here. They could then be sold to the general store and the money used to continue to buy pizza bases. The major drawback is the slow respawn time of the tomato and cheese, and the possibility of revenants dropping by. Those can be tricked into turning aggressive on a player, and then being blocked by the door. If the player has a lot of meat\anchovies in the inventory, he/she can stay there making pizzas and ignoring the revenant. If the player finds himself/herself in need of more ingredients, he/she can always change world.

NOTE: Sometimes, the Revenant WILL travel through the door.

As there is also a small net fishing spot and a Giant rat respawn nearby, a player could add meat or anchovies to the pizza.


  • When entering the camp on the small split of land between pools of lava, the bandits say "You shall not pass". This appears to be a homage to J.R.R. Tolkiens's novel, Lord of the Rings, as it is a very similar setting as to when Gandalf confronts the Balrog.
  • Be careful when entering the camp because the entrance is regularly patrolled by revenants.
  • Players also go to the Bandit camp to solve the Treasure Trail clues,"Property of Black Heather." and,"Yawn in the rogues' general store. Beware of double agents! Equip an adamant square shield, blue vambrances and a rune pickaxe."
  • Fat Tony's name (alongside with the fact that he makes pizzas) is a reference to the fact that many brands of pizza or Italian eating establishments often are named "Tony's" or otherwise, a name usually associated with people of Italian ancestry in America, Australia and the UK.
  • The dead trees located in the Bandit camp could previously be chopped down to receive Charcoal. This has since been removed, as the trees are no longer able to be chopped down.

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