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This article is about a camp in the Kharidian Desert. For the camp in the Wilderness, see Bandit Camp (Wilderness).
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Bedabin Camp
Rock Island Prison Bandit Camp Desert Mining Camp

The Bandit Camp is a town located in the Kharidian Desert.


Notable Features

The Bandit Camp is the only known source of Bandit's brew, an ale that will temporarily boost your Thieving level. However, it costs 650gp, and hence it might be more expeditious to use Sq'irk juice instead.

The town is also home to a simple General store which is used to "bank" for Bandit killers (sell noted food and buy back food unnoted). The shopkeeper there is simply called Bandit shopkeeper.

This place isn't drying, which means that players do not require any water to wander around.

As of yet, this town has few unique facets. It is used in the Desert Treasure Quest: there are two main areas used in town which are part of the Quest.

  • The Mirrors Just south of the town is a ring of mirrors used in Desert Treasure.
  • The Chest In a large tent in the south area of town there is a chest containing Rasolo's Gilded Cross.

Extra Features

Dust Devils: Dust Devils are Slayer monsters that have a combat level of 93. They require 65 Slayer and a Facemask or a Slayer helmet to kill. They are located down a well, east of the Bandit camp.

Jaldraocht Pyramid: The final Pyramid from the Desert Treasure Quest. After going through the labyrinth within, players are able to switch between normal and Ancient Magicks. It is located south of the city.


The bandits in the camp will attack anyone wearing an item of either Saradomin or Zamorak. This makes the camp a highly popular training spot as it will keep the residents attacking players with no tolerance. This makes the area regularly crowded and many high-levelled players train their combat stats to 99 fighting bandits. For melee, You need a fast weapon such as an Abyssal Whip for training Attack or Defence while when training Strength using a Dragon Scimitar or a Dragon Longsword if you haven't completed Monkey Madness. For healing, Many methods are commonly used. Such as Guthan's armour, Saradomin Godsword, Bunyip or Food. You can un-note your food in the local general store, by bringing money and noted food (commonly Tuna). A God cape or God armour, mainly platelegs are commonly used to make the bandits non-tolerant towards the player, helping gain 60,000 or more experience an hour for combat levels 100 or more. It is a great way to level in any combat skill.

Ideal ranging equipment for killing Bandits.

Ideal Melee Equipment

File:Ammo slot.PNG

This equipment can be editable to your budget, or how much you're willing to spend. For example, the Dragonfire Shield could be swapped for a Rune Defender and if training strength, the ideal weapon is a Saradomin Sword but if you cannot afford, Dragon Scimitar is the next best option.


  • According to the map of DeviousMUD (the forerunner to RuneScape), the Bandit Camp was originally to be called "Nomad Camp".

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