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Dr Who

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Bananas were a fruit beloved by the Doctor (DW: The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace) and also a good source of potassium. (DW: The Doctor Dances) He also liked banana milkshake. (DW: Smith and Jones)

The Doctor claimed that while partying with Madame de Pompadour in 18th century France, he had invented the banana daiquiri several centuries early. He also gave Rose the advice, "always bring a banana to a party". (DW: The Girl in the Fireplace)

According to the Doctor, a banana grove grew in Villengard at the former site of the weapons factories. (DW: The Doctor Dances)

On Space Station Chimera, the Doctor found a banana whist searching his pockets for piece of wire. He gave the banana to Peri who later started to eat it (but gave up when the sight of a dead Androgum made her feel sick). (DW: The Two Doctors)

Reverend Ernest Matthews ate a banana just before he was turned into an ape by Josiah Samuel Smith. (DW: Ghost Light)

During a visit to Blackwood Falls, the Doctor ate two banana splits in quick succession. (NSA: Forever Autumn)

Duncan Goode told Martha, "...don't judge a banana by its skin". (NSA: Wishing Well)

The Doctor describes a "Banana Surprise" (NSA: Martha in the Mirror)

Expecting to land on a sunny beach, the Doctor emerged from the TARDIS with an inflatable banana. (NSA: Snowglobe 7)

After being defeated by the Doctor, Bob Kreesus slipped on a banana skin and fell over a cliff edge. (DWAM: Triskaidekaphobia)

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From Muppet Wiki


The Banana first appeared backstage in The Muppet Show episode 103 and was featured alongside Gonzo, Joel Grey, and Joel's hat in the episode's Guest Star Gag.

The banana later became part of the Singing Food.


The banana was released as a pack-in with the Swedish Chef Action Figure in the ninth series of Palisades Toys' line of action figures.

Book appearances

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Dofus Wiki

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From Dofus

Level: 1
Category: Fruit
Weight: ? pods
Sells to NPC: ? kamas
Official description
The famous minstrel KenLee Rodgers once composed an ode to this fruit: "Buy me a Banana".

Banana is a Fruit.


Dropped by


Used in the craft of

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Bananas are the most popular fresh fruit in the United States. They have a peel that comes off easily, they ripen after they've been picked, there is a generous supply all year, and they are inexpensive. Bananas have both a high amount of carbohydrates as well as potassium, which also makes them the fruit of choice for many athletes. (Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition, 1992).

A banana plant is a herb in the genus, Musa, which because of its size and structure, is often mistaken for a tree. It is cultivated for its fruit, which also bears the same name. Bananas are of the Family Musaceae and closely related to plantains. Globally, bananas rank fourth after rice, wheat and maize in human consumption; they are grown in 130 countries worldwide, more than for any other fruit crop. Bananas are native to tropical southeastern Asia.

The main or upright growth is called a pseudostem, which when mature will obtain a height of 2–8 m (varies by cultivar), with leaves of up to 3.5 m in length. Each pseudostem produces a single bunch of bananas, before dying and being replaced by a new pseudostem. The base of the plant is a rhizome (known as a corm). Corms are perennial, with a productive lifespan of 15 years or more.

The term banana is applied to both the plant and its elongated fruit (technically a false berry) which grow in hanging clusters, with up to 20 fruit to a tier (called a hand), and 5-20 tiers to a bunch. The total of the hanging clusters is known as a bunch, or commercially as a "banana stem", and can weigh from 30–50 kg. The fruit averages 125g, of which approximately 75% is water and 25% dry matter content. Bananas are a valuable source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium.

In 2003, India led the world in banana production, representing approximately 23% of the worldwide crop, most of which was for domestic consumption. The four leading banana exporter countries were Ecuador, Costa Rica, Philippines, and Colombia; accounted for about two thirds of the worlds exports; with each exporting more than 1 million tons. Ecuador alone provided more than 30% of global banana exports according to FAO statistics.

Bananas are classified either as dessert bananas (meaning they are yellow and fully ripe when eaten) or as green cooking bananas/plantains. Almost all export bananas are of the dessert variety; however, only about 10-15% of all production is for export, with the U.S. and EU being the dominant buyers.

Bananas and plantains constitute a major staple food crop for millions of people in developing countries. In most tropical countries green (unripe) bananas used for cooking represent the main cultivars. Cooking bananas are very similar to potatoes in how they are used. Both can be fried, boiled, baked or chipped and have similar taste and texture when served. Nutritionally one green cooking banana has about the same nutritional and calorie content as one potato.

The vast majority of producers are small-scale farmers growing the crop either for home consumption or for local markets. Because bananas and plantains will produce fruit year-round, they provide an extremely valuable source of food during the hunger season (that period of time when all the food from the previous harvest has been consumed, and the next harvest is still some time away). It is for these reasons that bananas and plantains are of major importance to food security.



Avoid bananas with brown spots that seem very soft. Select those bananas with a nice color, specific for the variety. Choose fruit that is firm and free of bruises. Best eating quality has been reached when the solid yellow skin color is speckled with brown. Bananas with green tips or with practically no yellow color have not developed their full flavor. Bananas are overripe when they have a strong odor.


To further ripen bananas leave at room temperature for a couple of days. Once ripe you can store in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. The peel may turn brown in the refrigerator, but the fruit will not change.


The very popular yellow banana of Cavendish is the banana we see in grocery stores. However, Plantains, Finger Bananas and Red Bananas are also popular varieties. Most have a soft texture when ripe.


  • Fruit of the Month: Banana by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, public domain government resource—original source of article

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape


A banana is a yellow fruit that players can eat to heal 2 hitpoints[1]. Bananas are not used in Cooking to make other food (they presumably are an ingredient of banana stew, but players cannot make this item). Bananas can be sliced with knives, battleaxes and hatchets.

In issue 26 of the God letters (dated 1 November 2004), Saradomin revealed that he enjoys fresh bananas from Karamja[2].


Obtaining bananas

Players can find bananas on trees in tropical locations, such as Karamja. Many banana trees are located in the plantation on Musa Point, and one of the easy tasks in the Karamja achievement diary requires players to pick five bananas from the plantation[3]. Bananas are available on Ape Atoll, in the yard at the western house of the monkey child and in the south-western crates in the warehouse east of the magic shop.

The Karamjan banana plantation.

Members can harvest bananas from banana trees that they grow from a banana tree seed at level 33 Farming[4].

Players can buy bananas from the main stock of Charter ships and on the Grand Exchange.

Members can steal bananas from the monkey food stall on Ape Atoll, if they have at least level 5 Thieving[5].

Bananas can be created by casting the Bones to bananas spell, which turns all bones in the player's inventory into bananas. The spell requires a minimum Magic level of 15[6].

Uses for bananas

Bananas can be used to heal players, but their low rate of healing means that most players do not use bananas for this, except in special circumstances where bananas are readily available- an example being when training on the creatures which reside in the Karamja volcano.

Players can make money from bananas on Musa Point by talking to Luthas and then filling a crate with 10 bananas, obtaining 30 coins. This can be repeatedly and at one time, before the appearance of Jobs in the Lumbridge area, was a safe, slow-but-sure way for low-level players to earn money. In Pirate's Treasure, filling a crate with bananas for Luthas is necessary so that the player can smuggle a bottle of Karamjan rum off Karamja to Port Sarim.

Members growing a curry tree with the Farming skill can pay a gardener five baskets of bananas (a total of 25 bananas) to watch over the tree[7]. Bananas can also be used in farming as an ingredient in making compost[8].

Members use bananas in Summoning. Bananas are required to make Fruit bat pouches[9]. Bananas are needed to bait baby pet monkeys, which requires level 27 Hunter and level 95 Summoning[10]. Bananas are also necessary to feed the pet monkey when it becomes an adult[11].

The Teleport to Ape Atoll spell requires a banana in addition to its cost in runes.[12].

Players can use a knife or a bladed weapon (or even a Godsword blade with no hilt) on a banana to turn it into sliced banana, which can be used as food and is needed for the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest. A whole banana can be added to Karamjan rum, but this is a waste of both items as the item has no use.

During Monkey Madness, when the player has the monkey rescued from the Ardougne Zoo, the player can use bananas on the monkey to "feed" him.

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Bananas were a yellowish/green fruit found in the galaxy. They sometimes had brown spots after growing too ripe. Bananas were typically the shape of a semicircle.

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From TibiaWiki

This item is in the Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink class
Attributes: Edible, Stackable
Weight: 1.80 oz.
Loot value: 1-2 gp.
Sounds: Yum.
Dropped by: Sibang, Kongra, Merlkin, Hairman The Huge, Grynch Clan Goblin.
Buy from: Hairycles (Banuta) 2 gp

Bonifacius (Edron) 2 gp
Imalas (Carlin) 2 gp
Alissa (Meluna) 3 gp
Omur (Darashia) 3 gp
Brasith (Ab'Dendriel) 3 gp
Jezzara (Ankrahmun) 5 gp
Livielle (Venore) 5 gp
Ariella (Meriana) 5 gp

Serafin (Yalahar) 5 gp
Sell to: Players
Notes: They provide one of the highest regeneration seconds per gp (only ham and meat are better) and are quite light.
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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow.

Bananas can be found as part of Studded Shield Quest on Rookgaard.

Spoiler ends here.
Regeneration: One Banana will regenerate hp/mana for 96 seconds (makes you 8% full).

Total Hp/Mana gain HP Mana
Sorcerer / Druid 8 64
Knight 16 32
Paladin 12 48
Promoted Characters HP Mana
Master Sorcerer / Elder Druid 8 96
Elite Knight 24 32
Royal Paladin 16 64
All Vocations HP Mana
Sleeping 32 32

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