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The Bamarren Institute for State Intelligence was an institute of higher education dedicated to the training of Cardassian State Intelligence operatives. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time, TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

The Institute is situated in Cardassia's highlands adjacent to the Mekar Wilderness which the institute used for physical endurance exercises.

The Institute is headed by the 'First Prefect', though for the first three-year period students would rarely see any adults; instead, new recruits were taught by older students.

On arrival, students are separated by gender and stripped of personal possession, then given a uniform of scratchy swamp green and black. Students are then split into living quarter groups of ten each, and assigned a number and name based on their group (for example, Ten Lubak = the tenth member of Lubak group).



The education is split into three, three year blocks:

  • First Level
Much of the first level education is dedicated to physical training. First level groups are led by second year students.
  • Second Level
  • Third Level
At the third level students are called Interns.



The Pit

The Pit was the most feared training area in the institute where Strategems were taught by the martial docent Calyx. The education took the form of eye, hand and foot sessions where each part of the body was taught to function independently to allow complex combinations of movements - Strategems.

The Wilderness

Sometimes the students were taken into the Mekar Wilderness where they would take part in hunts, individuals would be deposited into the wilderness and instructed to return to the institute before they were caught by the groups. Students were left with nothing but their uniforms and basic rations to encourage survival instincts.

The Archival Centre

The Archival Centre is a library like facility for student research. First Levels are only permitted to enter use the facilities of the centre with the special dispensation of a member of staff.

Students and Groups

In Elim Garaks tenure as a first level the groups included:

  • Charaban group
The dominant level two group
  • Drabar Group
  • Furtan Group
  • Kentay Group
Elite female level two group
  • Lubak Group
Lubak Groups section leader was a third year, One Tarnel. The groups members were:
  • Ramaklan Group
Third level group
  • Tarnel Group


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