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Telly in ballet slippers.
Sam the Eagle with Nureyev.
The Cube.


The Muppets

The Muppet Show

  • In episode 105, the Muppet Newsman reports about a chicken that have been hired by the Royal Danish Ballet.
  • Episode 213 of the series featured legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. He danced with a specially-made, full-body Ballerina Pig (Graham Fletcher), with whom he performs Swan Lake.
  • In Episode 222, Miss Piggy overhears Kermit tell Scooter that she's getting too fat to do her ballet number next week, so she goes on a diet.
  • Episode 315, with Lesley Ann Warren, features her and Doglion performing Beasty and the Beaut.
  • Royal Ballet dancer Michael Coleman appears as one of the Mutations in The Muppet Show episode 318.
  • In episode 409, Statler and Waldorf complain that the opening numbers are too weird -- "what do you have tonight, a Chinese gorilla dancing ballet?" Embarrassed, Kermit cancels the opening number, infuriating the Chinese gorilla who was planning to dance ballet.
  • Along with the above-mentioned Ballerina Pig, Graham Fletcher performed Fletcher Bird and the Giant Spider on the show.
  • Philip Casson directed roughly half of the episodes of The Muppet Show (with Peter Harris); Casson began his career by training as a dancer, and performed as both a dancer and choreographer with Ballet Montmartre.

Sesame Street


  • The Cube: The Man in the Cube is allowed by the manager to leave. The man sarcastically predicts that the moment he steps outside the door, "two gorillas grab me, dressed in ballet costumes, drag me back, throw me on the floor, and dance around me singing "Home Sweet Home!" Which is precisely what happens.
  • Before joining the Muppets, designer/builder Kermit Love's best known work was as costuming work for the Jerome Robbins ballet Fancy Free in 1946.
  • As of 2005, Desiree Casado was taking ballet classes.

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ST Expanded

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Ballet is a type of dance that originated from Earth. Performances are called ballets. Female dancers are called ballerinas, while male dancers were danseurs.

Kathryn Janeway was an accomplished ballerina; she took up ballet when she was six years old. (VOY: "Coda")

Pazzo was the only danseur in his Romulan Naval Academy class. He was accompanied by Lyran ballerinas. Some years later, Annika Hansen has fulfilled Seven of Nine's childhood dream by becoming the lead dancer of the Romulan Naval Academy (and later the Tal Prai'ex) in her stead. (RIS Bouteina)

Although the Simpsons considered Annika rather average, she did, on more than one occasion, give ballet lessons. (RIS Bouteina: "Miracle in Whoville")

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