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Bailey's Crossroads

inside: Washington, DC
map marker: Bailey's Crossroads Metro
metro: Bailey's Crossroads Metro
quests: Aiding the Outcasts
cell name: BaileysRuins
ref id: xx000822

Bailey's Crossroads is a small district of Washington, DC inhabited by Super mutants and Brotherhood Outcasts. It is available through the Operation: Anchorage DLC.



The district can be reached through Bailey's Crossroads Metro and consists of the metro exit, a small plaza, a large ruined building as well as an elevator to the Outcast Outpost.


Related quests


  • The "front" door of the Super Mutant infested building will spontaneously open when you approach up the ramp with the door closed. This will also happen even if there are no living NPCs around.


Bailey's Crossroads appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.

Behind the scenes

Bailey's Crossroads is an actual suburb of Washington, D.C., located not far from its in-game location. It is known for large groups of apartment buildings, which may be the basis of the Outcast Outpost and its surrounding areas. The suburb is named after Hachaliah Bailey, ancestor of James Anthony Bailey, of Barnum & Bailey's Circus.


  • It is possible to escape the map of Bailey's Crossroads. Heading from the Outcast Outpost back through the destroyed building the player will find a ride-on vacuum cleaner at the top of the first set of step. By jumping onto this the player can reach the bookshelf next to it, and use an item to gain a small bit of height (one box of 5mm ammo works) and reach the destroyed 3rd floor. From here the player can carefully make their way around the perimeter of the ruined room and jump out of the map.
  • Entering Bailey's Crossroads may fix a bug. If the player has lost a companion that is still alive but cannot be located, entering Bailey's Crossroads will send them back to their default locations. This happened with Dogmeat, who returned to Vault 101, and Star Paladin Cross, who returned to the Citadel.
Operation: Anchorage (add-on)

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