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Final Fantasy IV Enemy
Japanese バハムート
Romaji Bahamūto
J2e Name Bahamut
SNES Name Bahamut
PS Name Bahamut
GBA Name Bahamut
DS Name Bahamut

Bahamut is a boss in Final Fantasy IV. Defeating him earns Rydia the Bahamut summon.



It is best to enter this battle when Fusoya first joins your party and not after you have gone back to the Overworld and switch him for Kain.

When you enter this battle, cast Reflect with Rosa and Fusoya, and make other members use any items you have to cast walls. Make sure you cast Reflect on Fusoya and Rydia first, and then cast it on members with the lowest HP. When Bahamut uses Mega Flare, it will Reflect back onto him. If anyone died as you did not cast Reflect on them, if they had enough HP, then cast it, if they died, revive and cast and hope you did it in time. The Reflect wall will only last two uses of the Mega Flare, so make sure you re-cast it. Recasting it when the Reflect wall is still up will cause Bahamut to get it, and that's not good. You can win this fight by simply allowing Bahamut to kill himself, applying magic only to your party.

If you don't have any Reflect items, and you don't have Fusoya, you can still win, albeit it is much harder. Before you fight Bahamut, kill all party members but two, Rosa and someone else. You need to do this as Rosa is usually the last to take her turn, so by doing this, you will definitely get a turn in before Bahamut uses Mega Flare, but only one. If the other member survives, cast Reflect on him, if not, leave him. When Bahamut re-uses Mega Flare, re-cast Reflect on Rosa, then it uses Mega Flare, re-cast Reflect on other member if they're alive, if not, do nothing. This will make you win as Bahamut will kill himself.


GBA Strategy

The above does work and Porom would also be highly recommended here, for she can also learn Reflect, like Rosa and Fusoya. Rydia or Palom can help by casting either Tsunami or Quake, but another useful and impressive feat would be to take Bahamut out with one character - Kain Highwind.

Have Kain jump at Bahamut right between the count of 3 and 2. He will land right after Bahamut casts Mega Flare. Do not bother to revive your other members, as they will not survive most of the time. Eventually, Kain will take Bahamut out. Simple as that.

DS Strategy

The strategy of casting Reflect is useless in the DS remake, as Bahamut casts Mega Flare on himself, bouncing Mega Flare on the party. However, Mega Flare is much weaker than previous versions of the game, so with proper buffs and high-enough levels, the party can easily survive Mega Flare. If you choose to wait until after returning to earth, you can return later and defeat Bahamut using only Kain's jump attack. Bahamut will count down from 5 to 1 before casting Mega Flare. You will be able to jump with Kain twice per countdown, once after "5" and then again after "1". As long as Kain jumps right after Bahamut counts "1", he will be in the air when the spell is cast and will not take damage. Try to keep everyone alive as long as you can hacking away at Bahamut. If Kain is the only one alive and in the air, Bahamut will not even bother to cast Mega Flare. Once Kain comes down from his jump the count starts over at "5". Depending on Kain's level, you can defeat Bahamut fairly quickly without using any magic or items using this method.

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