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Bacta tank
Production information

Bacta tank


3.000 to 100.000 credits

Physical and technical specifications

Over 2 meters high


500 kg

Usage and history

The bacta tank, also known as a rejuvenation tank[1] or a rejuve tank[2], was a large, specialized tank that was filled with the powerful healing agent created by the Vratix, bacta, which promoted rapid healing.



A bacta tank and a supply of bacta were expensive, the tank alone typically costing 100,000 credits from 32 BBY to 8 ABY, so such medical equipment was usually found only in hospitals, on board capital ships, and within major military bases. Movement of bacta tanks could prove difficult because the tanks weighed roughly 500 kilograms.

A patient was required to be fully submerged within the bacta for the healing agent to do its job. Patients wore breath masks to breathe while submerged. Certain species, such as Rodians, experienced complications with the bacta due to their metabolism, sometimes requiring extended submersions.[3]

Miniature bacta tanks were used on localized injuries.


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