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Dr Who

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Back to the Future was a popular film about time travel released in 1985.

The film was mentioned by the the Doctor to help explain the mechanics of time travel to companion Martha Jones. Martha didn't see any threat from the Carrionites because she knew that the world didn't end in 1599. However the Doctor referenced this movie when he told her about how Marty McFly, after he travelled back in time, and did something that almost erased him from existence in the present. (DW: The Shakespeare Code)

On the Contact Clive page of, one of the sightings was from Marty McFly, with the message "I know that man, he stole my DeLorean!!!" (WEB:

Behind the Scenes

  • Christopher Lloyd, who played time traveler Dr. "Doc" Emmett Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy was almost cast as the Master in the 1996 Doctor Who television movie. However, Universal (the studio which financed both the television movie and the trilogy) baulked at the pay he was asking for.
  • Years before the original series of Doctor Who was cancelled, Disney was attempting to buy the rights to the franchise from the BBC, the trilogy's producer Steven Spielberg was their choice to run the Doctor Who office, Spielberg was more then willing to do it, he has stated in interviews he would have been the producer of the series for a couple of seasons, then pass the job of producer onto the trilogy's director, Robert Zemeckis.
  • Robert Zemeckis was considered to direct the 1996 Doctor Who television movie.


  • In DW: Blink there was an allusion to Back to the Future Part II, as someone was told to give a letter to Sally Sparrow at a specific date and time, no earlier, no later. Also, when Kathy Nightingale arrives in 1920, she doesn't believe where she is and reads the date from the paper, in a similar way to Marty McFly in the film.
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Back to the Future is an Academy Award winning science fiction movie released in 1985 that spawned two sequels and a cartoon series. The story follows the adventures of a teenager and his scientist friend as they travel through time.


  • The Muppet Babies episode "Back to the Nursery" features a plot with several parallels to the story from the film, primarily the concept of travelling back to the past to see your caretaker, in their case, Nanny. The most obvious reference is seen in the form of the time vehicle used by the babies which is made from Baby Gonzo's tricycle and a wagon and becomes transformed into the De Lorean from the film by way of their imaginations. The car leaves behind tire marks made of fire and utilizes an hourglass as its flux capacitor.
  • The third episode of Farscape is a spoof of the film's title: "Back and Back and Back to the Future."


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