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The Bacchus Wine in Final Fantasy IV.

Bacchus's Wine, or Bacchus's Cider, is a recurring supportive item in the Final Fantasy series. It causes the Berserk status to one character.




Final Fantasy II

Effect Casts Berserk III on user.
Location N/A
Find N/A
Steal from N/A
Won from Gottos
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy III

Known as Bacchus's Cider.

Effect Casts Haste.
Location N/A
Find Tokkul, Lake Dohr, Bahamut's Lair
Steal from N/A
Won from Land Turtle, Sea Elemental, Sahagin, Sea Devil, Merman, Ruinous Wave, Adamantoise, Anet, Mermaid, Seahorse, Sea Serpent, Roper, Black Flan, Dread Knight
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy IV

Effect Inflicts Berserk to a target.
Location N/A
Find Fabul, Troia Castle, Eblan (x2), Dwarf Castle (x2), Baron Castle (x2)
Steal from Mad Ogre, Ogre
Won from Mad Ogre, Malboro, Ogre
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Bacchus Wine item inflicts Berserk on one target.

Final Fantasy V

Though not usable outside of battle, Bacchus' Wine is a Mix result, achieved by mixing a Holy Water and Turtle Shell, and gives the target the Berserk status.

Final Fantasy XII

Bacchus's Wine appears in Final Fantasy XII. It is interesting to note that depending on the character's Magic Resistance, it may be possible for them to resist the effects of Bacchus's Wine, even if they used it on themselves.


Bacchus (also known as "Dionysus") is the Greco-Roman God of wine, vineyards, and theater. His worshipers would become intoxicated and go off on wild. crazed orgies of revelry.

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