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See also Dragon (race).

The Baby dragon is currently the pet that requires the highest Summoning level (99) to obtain. It is obtained from a dragon egg, dropped by chromatic dragons. The colour depends on the colour of the killed dragon (ex. killing green dragons will give you an egg that hatches into a green dragon, killing blue dragons gives you an egg that hatches into a blue dragon, etc.). These pets do not grow into adult dragons, only baby ones. They eat vast quantities of raw meat, fish or chicken.

Since there is no way to be 10 levels higher than the level needed to obtain it (there is currently no way for a level 99 summoner to boost their level to 109, except for a temporary boost during the quest While Guthix Sleeps), it is impossible to understand the pet dragon when interacting with it.

Hatchlings can be differentiated from babies by the length of their tail. Hatchling tails are much shorter. Also hatchlings do not have the little stubs of the horns on their head.


  • Players used to be able to only have one dragon pet at a time, but on 18 August 2009, with the release of the menagerie room in a player-owned house, players can have all four colours of dragon at the same time. It is possible to obtain more than one dragon egg as a drop.
  • Any type of meat can be fed to the dragon. This is why many of the dragon pet owners fish lobsters or other kinds of fish while raising their dragon to train fishing as well.
  • Obtaining a baby green dragon from a dragon egg is the only way to see a baby green dragon (except in one of the cutscenes in Perils of Ice Mountain quest) since there are no attackable baby green dragons unlike other chromatic dragons.
  • Even with the Summoning boost to 255 from touching the Stone of Jas during the quest While Guthix Sleeps, pet dragons can still not be talked to.


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