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Baby Steps
location: Vault 101
given by: Dad
reward: S.P.E.C.I.A.L.
leads to: Growing Up Fast
base id: 00014E83

Baby Steps is the very first Fallout 3 quest.


Quick walkthrough

  1. Walk to Dad.
  2. Open the playpen's gate and exit the playpen.
  3. Look at the You're SPECIAL! book.
  4. Follow Dad.

Detailed walkthrough


Walk to Dad

Simply walk over to Dad.

Escape the playpen

After the PC's father speaks for a little while, he will lock him/her in the playpen and leave. A new objective is given at this point: open the playpen's gate. Walk up to the gate and press the action button. The gate will swing open, and the next part will start. This is also when you learn how to grab and move objects without putting it in your inventory.

You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

The next objective is to find the "You're SPECIAL!" book. It is lying right in front of the toy box. Once examined, you are prompted to decide what your character's initial primary statistics should be. The book gives a description of what each attribute does on each page. The last page allows for all to be adjusted from one location.

If you are not satisfied with your SPECIAL stats, you will be given an opportunity to change them after the "Escape!" quest.

Follow Dad

James will come back into the room, perfectly aware of the player character's escape (even if he/she returns to the pen and closes the door). He reads his wife's favorite Bible verse, Revelation 21:6, to the player. He then tells the player to follow him to see if thier friend Amata wants to play. After entering into the hallway, the game skips forward nine years to the PC's tenth birthday party, starting the "Growing Up Fast" quest.

Journal entries

Stage Status Journal entry
10 Walk to Dad.
20 Open the playpen's gate.
30 Exit the playpen.
40 Look at the "You're SPECIAL!" book.
80 Follow Dad.
100 Finishes quest


  • Throughout this quest you can talk "baby talk" by pressing the talk button.
  • Third-person viewing is disabled during this quest, since there is no character model for toddlers.
  • There is another objective that doesn't show up unless you do it. By picking up an object you get a notice that you have completed the objective of picking up an item.
  • The music coming from the baby mobile is a portion of the Tranquility Lane music.

Transition quotes

You may not be able to listen to all the voices talking at the same time during the transition from being a newborn to an infant. These are the lines:

  • I'm sorry, Madison. I am. But what choice do I have?- Dad
  • I thought I knew you... I trusted you! We all did! How can you be so selfish? -- Doctor Li
  • Selfish? This is my child we're talking about, Madison! My child! -- Dad
  • It's you and me, now, okay? You and me. But that's okay. So long as we've got each other, that's all that matters. -- Dad
  • No, no, put that away. This one's on the house. And now a toast. To James and his cheery cherub. May your future be safe, bright, and boring as hell.-- Colin Moriarty
  • Shh... You're safe now. No more monsters. No more nightmares. Shh... That's it. Daddy's got you… -- Dad
  • Yes, yes. Cardiology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry. Whatever your needs. You'll find I can handle, well… I can handle just about anything. -- Dad
  • All right. Just remember one thing. We need a doctor, not a deadbeat. Fail to meet my expectations, and there will be repercussions. -- Overseer
  • Not so bad, huh? A bit chilly maybe, but we'll get used to that. A few decorations, some donated toys, and this place will feel just like home. Home… -- Dad
  • Hmmmm... Good? Huh, is that good? Here you go... No... Not too fast. That's it. That's it. Everything on the spoon. Come on, you can do it. -- Dad


  • After the line where Dad says "I want to show you something," he may simply stand still. You have to create a new file in order to get him to move. Another workaround would be to save the game, exit to the menu, then reload the save. (confirmed on PC & PS3)

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