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Babus Swain
Sprite(s) Babus' portrait sprite Babus' in-game sprite
Japanese Babuzu Suein
Romaji バブズ・スエイン
Age N/A
Race Nu Mou
Job class Runeseeker
Voice Actor
(Radio Drama)
Kumi Sakuma
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Character

Babus Swain is the Nu Mou assistant of Mewt Randell from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. An experienced mage, he will do anything to protect Mewt.



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Babus initially opposes Marche Radiuju's efforts to revert the world to normal. He is present when Judgemaster Cid interrogates Marche, and the portal opens to bring all three inside Exodus. Realizing that Marche has a chance to defeat the fourth Totema, bringing the world closer to reverting, Babus attacks, but Marche renders the Runeseeker unconscious. Babus later comes to realize the truth about Mewt and the world, and comes to believe that opposing Mewt is in his best interests and the interests of the Prince.

When Marche enters the palace, Babus calls for Cid, who arrives just in time to prevent Llednar Twem from destroying Marche. Babus then travels to the Ambervale ahead of Marche, but is injured by Llednar. When Marche and Cid arrive, they find Babus unconscious. After Babus comes to, he offers to keep going, but Cid orders him to withdraw since he is in no condition to fight.

As a playable character

Babus can be recruited by completing the missions Left Behind and With Babus. If dismissed, he can be recruited again on the Doned Here mission. He joins as a Runeseeker and can equip Maces. His primary skill is Rune and he can also use items.


Obtaining Babus

After completing the Dispatch Mission Left Behind, Babus asks Marche to help him find a lost item of Mewt's in Ambervale. In With Babus, Marche joins the Runeseeker in an Ambervale cave that is made of a large variety of colorful crystals. A specter of Queen Remedi appears on a column of green and blue crystal, and criticizes Babus for opposing her. Babus states his devotion to the prince and tells the image of Remedi that she is only a ghost. After Remedi and her Floateye and Ahriman cronies are defeated, Remedi turns into a stuffed bear, the lost item that Babus was seeking. Marche comforts the Runeseeker, telling him to keep the bear as a memory of Prince Mewt. Babus agrees, and offers to join Marche's clan.



"Babus" is a Hindi title for a man which is an equivalent to "Mr.", while "Swain" is Archaic for a male admirer, which explain Babus' relationship to Prince Mewt.

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