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Real Name
Current Alias



Jodamat (daughter), Chernobog, Koshchoi (grandsons)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Cannibal (consumes human flesh)




Place of Birth

Jamie Delano, Alan Davis

First appearance

Captain Britain Vol 2 #11
(November, 1985)



Not much has been revealed regarding the origin of the woman calling herself Baba Yaga, but she is presumed to be a witch. It is known she was once confused with Perchta, a Prussian Earth-goddess, and reputed to be the grandmother of Chernobog, the Russian devil. Over many centuries, Baba Yaga would survive, feasting on travelers who wandered through her forest or resided in the house above her underground lair. The witch would mesmerize the women and/or reanimate their remains in order to form a "sisterhood" under her control, which could search for other food.

When the hero Captain Britain was wandering the world with his then-new girlfriend, Meggan, they settled in Baba Yaga's house unaware of it's history. Baba Yaga captured Captain Britain and attempted to subvert Meggan, whose burgeoning shape-shifting powers almost allowed her to succumb. Ultimately, however, Meggan defeated the witch by tapping into some ancient force for good that proved to be Baba Yaga's nemesis. Baba Yaga and her house were totally destroyed in the confrontation. [1]

Another version of Baba Yaga manifested several years later. This version however, was not the true Baba Yaga, but rather, a dppelgänger culled from the mind of Illyana Rasputin, based on the literary Baba Yaga of old Russian stories. Baba Yaga succeeded in capturing all of the New Mutants, save Illyana, who escaped by teleporting to Limbo. Securing them all in a cage, she intended on eating the New Mutants, but Illyana summoned her brother, Colossus, who tore through the school looking to rescue the younger mutants. Initially, Colossus attempted to combat Baba Yaga's minions in his human form, but when reminded how ineffective the witch's magics were against iron, he shifted into his armored form and fought her head-on. When Baba Yaga's powers failed to stop Colossus, Illyana appeared and banished the old hag away. [2]

Powers and Abilities



Necromancy: The full powers of the woman known as Baba Yaga remains unknown, but she has exhibited magical powers such as reanimating the dead and manipulating earth and wood, and possibly powers of mesmerism.


Like most sorcerers, Baba Yaga's magic is restricted by certain rules. As such, her spells are the least effective against materials containing a high iron content. This was how Colossus was able to defeat her when she attacked the New Mutants.



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  1. Captain Britain (Volume 2) #11
  2. Uncanny X-Men #231

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Baba Yaga
File:Baba Yaga.png
Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes, Lunar Diplomacy, Blood Runs Deep
Location Lunar Isle
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Female
Examine An old woman who lives in a very strange house.
Notable features Moon Clan member,insane witch

Baba Yaga is a member of the Moon Clan in Lunar Isle who lives in a house that walks about upon chicken legs. The house is named Berty. She is admittedly insane and runs Baba Yaga's Magic Shop, which sells runes, battlestaves, and Moonclan manuals.

Baba Yaga can teach a player the Ourania Teleport spell after they have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest. She will recount a tale, then whisper the spell to the player. Players need to have Lunar spells activated to be able to coax Baba Yaga into teaching them the spell. If spoken to without a Seal of Passage the player will be teleported away to Rellekka.

After the mini quest Swept Away, she may be talked with to enchant the broomstick, and players will receive 10,338 Magic experience if they have a Magic level of 73 or above.

Glorious Memories

During the quest, when players show Brundt the Chieftain the unfinished astral rune, Brundt will remember more to the day they hunted the Gnoeals. He will recall Baba Yaga being present and offering her assistance, in which the party accepts. It is also revealed how the group got to the Fishing Guild from the creatures cave.

After the quest players may bring her the unfinished astral rune to receive a further reward.


  • Her name (as well as her chicken-legged house) comes from Slavic folklore.
  • The name of her house is a rather fitting homophone.
  • In one of the installments of Postbag from the Hedge, Jagex attached a model of Baba Yaga's house, which readers could print and self make.
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