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Real Name
Current Alias

Adad, Iskur, Lord, Master, Taru, Tesup, Teshub, Ba'al the Voracious, the Unforgiving, the Immutable, the Unfathomable

Formerly the Annunaki; Baalists

Anu (father), Asherah (mother), Anath (wife, separated), Dagon, Martu, Ninurta (brothers), Inanna/Ishtar (sister), Nergal, Ningal (half-brothers), Ea (uncle), Ereshkigal (aunt), Ullikimus (nephew), Marduk (cousin), Så-Bal-Bal (descendeant), many others


Base Of Operations


9' 3"

1490 lbs (677 kg)




Unusual Features
Monstrous appearance


Marital Status

Predator; former god of wind, rain and fertility


Place of Birth

First appearance

Wolverine Vol 2 #11
(September, 1989)



Ba'al-Hadad is an ancient, immortal warlock active in the region of Gehenna circa 13,000 BCE. Gehenna was a charnal pit of evil where the refuse of humanity was buried and burned. A place of legendary unspeakable evil, the residents of Gehenna committed unholy atrocities in Ba'al's name. Ba'al led his followers through various perverse and hideous rituals, including drinking the blood of human beings.

It is believed that God was so offended by the atrocities committed in Gehenna that he sent forth a proud warrior known as the Hand of God to stop him. The Hand of God slew Ba'al, but his inherent evil was so strong, that it literally spilled forth from his dead body and entered a glittering multi-faceted stone. Cut by his own followers, this enchanted rock became known as the Gehenna Stone. Ba'al's followers rebelled against the Hand of God, but the Hand of God persevered, splintering the Gehenna Stone into pieces with his sword. He then cast the fragments across the four corners of the globe, insuring that Ba'al's soul could never reconstitute itself. These fragments remained undiscovered for centuries and as such, Ba'al's evil remained dormant.

In the late 20th century, a few fragments of the Gehenna Stone were uncovered and Ba'al's spirit awakened. As more and more pieces were discovered, Ba'al recovered enough strength that he was able to take possession of a mortal host and reconstitute his corporeal form. From there, he used his power to create his Baalist followers, pseudo-vampires who lived and died at Ba'al's command. To achieve his full might however, he needed all of the pieces of the Gehenna Stone.

One of the fragments was discovered by the mentally unstable Burt Corrigan, a man who patterned himself after famous heroes of the silver screen, not the least of which included Indiana Jones. Corrigan found a Gehenna Stone fragment while on an expedition in Egypt. He donated it to the San Francisco museum of antiquities, but upon discovering the gem's true power, decided to finagle his way onto the board of directors so he could steal it.

Ba'al learned that Corrigan possessed the fragment and sent his pseudo-vampires after him. Fortunately for Corrigan, he had help. His brother Archie was present in San Francisco, as well as Archie's friends, "Patch" (aka Wolverine) and Jessica Drew. The Baalists failed to kill Corrigan and Ba'al had to personally intervene at which point he came into conflict with Wolverine. Wolverine attempted to kill Ba'al with his claws, but Ba'al repulsed his efforts with powerful blasts of energy that electrocuted Wolverine.

Ba'al encountered Wolverine a second time shortly thereafter. Having acquired the Gehenna fragment in Burt's possession, Ba'al headed towards Madripoor to find the last missing piece. Wolverine, Archie, Burt and Jessica followed Ba'al's airplane and Wolverine sky-dived from one plane to the other to face Ba'al once again. Ba'al used his power to mutate one of his Baalist's into a gigantic, monstrous creature, hoping that this being would be enough to defeat Wolverine. The fight was brutal, but Wolverine succeeded in defeating the creature by electrocuting him with circuitry from the plane's control panel. This however, caused the plane to crash. Wolverine was able to sky-dive back to Archie's plane before the other vessel went down, but it appeared as if Ba'al had died in the crash.

This was not the case however, and Ba'al returned soon after. He eventually arrived in Madripoor at the court of the country's undisputed leader, Prince Baran. Baran was now in possession of the final piece of the Gehenna Stone. Ba'al offered to make Baran immortal in exchange for the stone, but grew impatient with Baran when he didn't immediately commit to a decision. He took the last fragment and was finally able to make the Gehenna Stone complete.

Wolverine and Jessica Drew arrived at the castle, and Wolverine had a third encounter with Ba'al. During their fight, Ba'al found himself suddenly scared of Wolverine, but could not understand why. He had no way of knowing that Wolverine was the reincarnation of the Hand of God -- the warrior who first slew him ages ago. Wolverine stabbed at the artifact with his Adamantium claws, shattering it once again. With Ba'al's powers quickly waning, Wolverine moved in for the kill. His claws pierced Ba'al through the chest, and the impact of the blow drove both warriors out of the castle window and onto the rocks below. Wolverine rose to his feet, but Ba'al was apparently dead. [1]

A being such as Ba'al however, can never truly die and he resurfaced a few years later to plague the occult warrior known as Blaze.

Powers and Abilities



Ba'al possesses superhuman powers above most of the Mesopotamian Gods.

While his original powers are unclear, his demonic form is virtually immune to conventional injury (or able to be reformed after being damaged or destroyed). Its spirit is virtually immortal, and can survive the physical destruction of its form. Via the Gehenna Stone, he was able to send his power into his Spawn, granting him increasingly levels of power as the Stone was reassembled. At full power, Ba'al appeared to be virtually invulnerable, could generate powerful flames from his hands or eyes, and had an uncertain degree of superhuman strength (Class 25 - 100?).


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