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BX-series droid commando
Production information

Baktoid Combat Automata[1]

Product line

B-series battle droid[1]


BX-series droid commando[1]


Battle droid[1]

Technical specifications

Masculine programing[2]

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[2]


Confederacy of Independent Systems[2]

"Those clankers have tough armor!"
Commander Cody, on the durability of the BX-series — (audio)Listen (file info)

The BX-series droid commando was an elite battle droid model made for stealth assignments.



"Welcome to Rishi…Commander. As…you can see, the outpost is operating at…peak efficiency. Thank you for visiting…and have a…safe trip…back."
―A droid commando trying to imitate a clone trooper — (audio)Listen (file info)
An elite droid commando with a vibrosword.

These battle droids appeared similar to the B1 battle droid series; notable changes included two white photoreceptors, in addition to the long head being shortened to half its original size. Their voices were notably different compared to the B1 series, sounding more akin to the deep voices of B2 super battle droids. Unit leaders were fitted with white marks on their brows and chestplates.[2]

They had the same operating abilities as regular battle droids, with the addition of infiltration software.[1] This, along with their humanoid shape, allowed them to fit into a clone trooper's armor. In addition to this, the droids were capable of modulating their voices to match that of others, though they could not accurately copy their mannerisms or vocabulary, nor respond properly to unexpected situations outside of combat.[2]

The droid commandos were built to be substantially faster and stronger than a regular battle droid, and also possessed heavier armor that was capable of withstanding multiple shots from most blasters. However, sustained barrages or a single headshot could overwhelm them.[2] The only real drawback of these droids was the amount of money needed to make one. This made the droids a fairly rare sight on the battlefield and thus made them to be used mostly on special missions only.

A Droid Commando uses a repulsorcam to spy on a Low Altitude Assault Transport

The equipment of the droid commandos included E-5 blaster rifles, a stun baton to knock out enemies, and a fusion cutter, used to cut down doors and other obstacles in their path. In addition to this, the leader of a droid commando unit often carried a vibrosword for close-combat purposes. They were also known to use grenades against enemy emplacements.[2]


"Well... at least they're not destroyer droids."
Anakin Skywalker to Adi Galia after being ambushed by droid commandos.

These sophisticated droids were created to counteract the threat of Jedi or clones. These droids were capable of hand-to-hand combat, had greater accuracy with their E-5 carbines, and even sniper capability. However, due to their prohibitive cost, they could not be mass-produced in such a manner as to replace the Confederacy's other battle droids so they were used for SpecOps, boarding parties, and raids.[3]

A droid commando manning a computer console.

When General Grievous, the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies planned to invade the birth planet of the clone troopers, Kamino, he sent a contingent of BX-series droid commandos to assault a listening post on the Rishi moon. The droid commandos used Droch-class boarding ships to land on the moon. They then proceeded to kill CT-327, the deck officer. The droids then broke into the station and managed to get the remaining troopers on the run. The survivors, however, were able to retake the listening post together with Commander Cody and Captain Rex, who had arrived for an inspection.[2]

During the Battle of Ryloth, at least two droid commandos were present in the capital city of Lessu. The two attacked the ARF troopers Razor and Stak, shortly after the two troopers activated the plasma bridge and allowed Republic forces to enter the city. Even using fellow battle droids as projectiles, they eschewed the use of blasters and engaged the two troopers in hand-to-hand combat, but were soon defeated.[4]

Later on, two of these units were used by bounty hunter Cad Bane during his capture of the Senate Building. After killing a contingent of Senate Commandos that guarded the landing area, the two BX-series droids stripped two bodies of their armor and disguised themselves as the commandos as part of the Senate hostage crisis.[5]

They were also deployed during the Battle of Tirahnn.[6] A squad of such commando droids accompanied General Grievous when he boarded Jedi Master Eeth Koth's Venator-class Star Destroyer. The droids helped defeat the Jedi's clone trooper guards as well as aided in disarming Koth himself. Later, during a rescue attempt conducted by the Jedi to rescue Koth, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi's Republic light cruiser was boarded and its crew was assaulted by BX-series droids. Anakin Skywalker and Adi Gallia found a squad of commando droids, commanded by TV-94, guarding Koth when they boarded Grievous's flagship. Skywalker and Gallia destroyed all of the droids and rescued Koth.[7] During the First Battle of Saleucami, Grievous's forces were forced to crash land onto the planet Saleucami where a pair of commando droids were operational. One of the commandos was a sniper and his spotter observed the arrival of Clone Captain Rex whereupon the sniper took a shot that wounded the target. However, the pair of commando droids were tracked down and killed by Rex's comrades. While Rex recuperated at the farm of Cut Lawquane, another squad of BX-series droids in an escape pod were accidentally reactivated by Cut's adopted children, Shaeeah and Jekk. The droids attacked the farm, but were destroyed by Lawquane and Rex.[8]



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