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BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighter
Production information

Koensayr Manufacturing[1]

Product line

BTL Y-wing starfighter


BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighter


Assault starfighter

Technical specifications

16 meters[1]

Maximum acceleration

2,700 G

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1000 km/h[1]

Engine unit(s)

2 Koensayr R200 ion jet engines (rated 250 KTU)

Hyperdrive rating

Class 1.0

Hyperdrive system

Koensayr R300-H hyperdrive motivator

Power plant

Novaldex power generator; Thiodyne 03-R cryogenic power cells and ionization reactor


Chempat shields (75 SBD)


Titanium-reinforced Alusteel alloy (40 RU)

Sensor systems

Fabritech ANs-5d sensor unit with PA-9r long range phased tachyon detection array and PG-7u short range primary threat analysis grid

Targeting systems

Fabritech ANc 2.7 tracking computer with SI 5g7 "Quickscan" imaging system


Subpro MH-7 flight control avionics

Escape craft




Cargo capacity

110 kilograms[1]


1 week[1]

Other systems

The BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighter was the one-man version of the BTL-S3 starfighter model.[2]



The BTL-S3 was supplanted in most Rebel services by the BTL-A4, which was crewed by a single person. The ion cannon turret was typically locked forwards in this design, although some pilots chose to lock it facing aft for extra cover. In addition, this variant boasted much greater endurance (as much as three times greater) over its earlier predecessor, but was penalized with less powerful shields and loss of accuracy in the ion cannons.[2][1]


BTL-A4s are known to have been used prior to 0 BBY and remained in use throughout the Galactic Civil War. Commonly used by pirate, mercenary, and private defense forces, it was only natural that the BTL-A4 became used by the early Rebel Alliance as the primary starfighter for bombing and disabling roles.

As the BTL-S3 became the primary Y-Wing variant of the Rebel forces, the A4 was still kept in many units as a supplementary craft. Despite the existence of the BTL-S3 and even the introduction of the B-Wing, the BTL-A4 variant of the Y-Wing was favored by Red and Gold Squadrons,[3] and served with distinction in many major battles. They were the starfighter intended to destroy the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin[4]. Four years later, twelve of these variants, piloted by Alliance pilot Ace Azzameen[5] and Bothans sympathetic to the Rebellion, participated in the capture of the Imperial freighter Suprosa during the First Battle of Bothawui to capture a supercomputer containing the plans to the second Death Star.[6] BTL-A4s also fought in the climactic Battle of Endor.[7]


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