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For the version of this weapon seen in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, see Vault Dweller Red Ryder BB Gun.

Red Ryder BB Gun is a Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 weapon.


Fallout and Fallout 2

Red Ryder BB Gun
damage: 1-3
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Single Shot (AP: 5, R: 30)
ammo Type BBs
ammo capacity: 100
min. Strength: 3
hands req.: 2
weight: 5
value: $200

The Red Ryder BB gun has good magazine capacity, but it is almost useless in-game because of a very low damage potential. The LE variant performs much better.

In Fallout 2, a variation of the weapon can be found in Modoc. Use a coil of rope to climb down the well in the town, and in the back of the cave will be "Jonny's BB Gun", which can be used in the Finding Johnny quest.

Fallout 3

BB Gun
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 4
DPS: 3
attacks/sec: 0.75
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 0.5
crit dmg: 4
crit chance: x 1
ammo type: BB's
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 100
shots/reload: 100
skill: Small Guns
AP: 28
item HP: 50
repair: BB Gun
weight: 2
value: 36
base id: 00004323

In Fallout 3, you receive this on your 10th birthday. It is possible to grab the gun from your desk during your escape at age 19, but since it does even less damage than the handgun Amata just handed you and has a high AP cost, it is merely a sentimental object. Though if you tell Amata to keep the handgun, so she will not be captured by her father, you can use it to kill some roaches and the guards since most are wielding police batons. However, if you do grab it, when Butch DeLoria asks you to help his mother, you can offer to give him the weapon to fight off the radroaches. He will give you his Tunnel Snake Outfit in return.

This gun is the one of the least-damaging weapons in the game, tied with the Chinese Pistol. Almost every weapon in the game, except the pool cue, rolling pin and mesmetron, are more damaging. If you find one, it is best to sell it. Note that this weapon is also silenced, which might give it a limited use on easy difficulty.

You can also buy this BB Gun later on in the game, particually at Rivet City, along with ammo. It may serve a limited purpose at whittling down enemies as they close in early on in the game, making a melee fight slightly easier.

It can also be used to shoot mines, albeit it takes a few shots to blow up one. A shot might make a mine flip, which can make it easier to disarm.

Note that if Butch's mother dies while he tries to kill the radroaches, he will not initiate conversation with you and therefore will not give back the BB gun (Unless you kill him).

With the Point Lookout DLC perks the damage of this weapon is raised to 14. This can become a useful replacement for the pistol because it weighs 2 to the pistols 3 and has a magazine with a capacity of 100 BBs. The trade off is its slower rate of fire, but you most likely will never need to reload this weapon.

Escaping Vault 101

The BB gun can be used quite effectively when escaping Vault 101. Due to the weapon's low damage, it has very little practical use out in the Wasteland, where BB ammo is very scarce. While escaping from Vault 101, however, you are equipped with 50 BB's, and a well-aimed stealth strike on a radroach's head will usually kill it in one shot. (You can also take down Vault Security agents with the BB gun, sometimes leading to some rather comical slow-motion sequences.) You can drop the BB gun right before exiting Vault 101, unless you would prefer to sell it.

Using this strategy, you can conserve all of your significantly more effective 10mm rounds for use once out in the Wasteland.


  • On top of VAPL-58 Power Station: a gun and 3 BBs.
  • NW from Scrapyard there is a power station. The first power pylon south of it has a gun and 2 BBs, near a skeleton in a chair as well as a Nuka Cola Quantum.
  • Dukov's Place: 2nd floor south corridor a gun, no ammo.
  • Big Town: In the possession of Kimba.
  • A BB Gun was also bought from Smiling Jack.
  • Also bought at most gun stores.
  • Can also sometimes be bought from Lucky Harith after investing on him
  • The best place to buy BB guns and ammo is the Citadel Armory.
  • The Swampfolk in Point Lookout often carry BB guns and its ammo.
  • Two can be found outside Haley's Hardware.
  • In the Cargo Hold on Mothership Zeta.
  • Bailey's Crossroads Metro with 75 BBs.


A unique variant, Black Bart's Bane, was cut from the final release.

Behind the scenes

  • This weapon is named after the real life Red Ryder BB Gun. Red Ryder was the name of a famous cowboy western series in the 1940's. Due to the popularity of Red Ryder, Daisy BB Guns started selling actual Red Ryder BB Guns in 1938, and are still sold in stores today. Though modern ones do not come equipped with a compass or sundial (called "this thing that tells time" in the movie)
    • The gun appeared in the 1983 film A Christmas Story, where the main character, Ralphie, wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas, but is ridiculed by adults, saying "You'll shoot your eye out." At the end of the Movie, Ralphie finally gets the gun on Christmas day, and predictably "shoots his eye out" when a ricochet hits his glasses.
  • The Red Ryder BB Gun was also a weapon obtainable by a cheat in Wasteland (game), the predecessor game to the Fallout series
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