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The BBC New Series Adventures is a banner under which the series of novels published by BBC Books featuring the Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors have been collected since 2005. This line is the successor to BBC Books' prior Doctor Who fiction lines, the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures and BBC Past Doctor Adventures.

Behind the chapter numbers in the books are symbols similar to the "Gallifreyan writing" seen in the series. The same symbols appear on the spines, and are referred to as Gallifreyan numbers by fans. The recurring patterns in the symbols suggest that Time Lords count in base seven, although a recurring error means that the symbol for 13 is accidentally replaced by the symbol for 11 every time it should appear. It is not known as of January 2010 whether this device will continue to be used in the Eleventh Doctor novels.


Ninth Doctor

Launched in mid-2005, the New Series Adventures introduced a new format for Doctor Who fiction - paperback-sized hardcovers with smaller word count than the previous EDA and PDA lines. For a few months the "NSA" line coexisted with the EDA and PDA lines until they were retired at the end of 2005.

With this series of books, BBC Books also established a release pattern it has continued ever since of releasing the books in batches of three at least twice a year. The books are considered standalone and, thus, may be read in any order (at least among a particular set of three).

Unlike past fiction lines, there was some effort to tie the books more closely into television continuity, most notably the first-ever direct reference to a novel occurring in the episode DW: Boom Town, in which Rose Tyler referenced a location she and the Doctor had visited in the novel NSA: The Monsters Inside. Supporting characters Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler also appeared in NSA: Winner Takes All.

The novels tended to reflect changes in the cast. The first three books featured the Ninth Doctor travelling with Rose, while the second set of three feature Rose and Jack Harkness as companions. The first three novels probably take place between DW: World War Three and The Empty Child, and the latter three (which feature Captain Jack) between The Doctor Dances and Boom Town.

This line of novels continued to be issued following Christopher Eccleston's departure from the series until the end of 2005, after which the series continued, featuring the Tenth Doctor in 2006.


List of novels featuring the Ninth Doctor

Title Author ISBN
The Clockwise Man Justin Richards ISBN 0-563-48628-7
The Monsters Inside Stephen Cole ISBN 0-563-48629-5
Winner Takes All Jacqueline Rayner ISBN 0-563-48627-9
The Deviant Strain Justin Richards ISBN 0-563-48637-6
Only Human Gareth Roberts ISBN 0-563-48639-2
The Stealers of Dreams Steve Lyons ISBN 0-563-48638-4

Cancelled novel

  • Rain of Terror by Mike Tucker was originally listed in the second batch of three novels, but was replaced by The Stealers of Dreams without explanation. As of 2010 this novel remains unreleased.

Tenth Doctor

With the coming of the Tenth Doctor era, BBC Books continued its New Series Adventures line in 2006 featuring the new incarnation. Once again, the books were published more-or-less in connection with a particular cast line-up in the series, with the first six books featuring Rose Tyler, after which Martha Jones was featured in 12 consecutive novels, the most of any companion to date. Donna Noble was then featured in only five books. Wilfred Mott appears in the final novel featuring Donna, NSA: Beautiful Chaos.

Following the events of DW: Journey's End, the books changed format somewhat, and beginning with NSA: The Eyeless, published in late 2008, the books featured the Doctor travelling alone, with no ongoing companions. Also published was NSA: The Story of Martha, a short story collection that returned Martha Jones to the NSA line for one book, and was the first NSA book to be a direct tie-in with a televised episode (it takes place during the events of the two-parter DW: The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords). All NSA novels issued during 2009 featured returning alien races and villains from the TV series.

The final three Tenth Doctor novels were published in September 2009.

Two new spin-off lines were introduced during the 2006-2009 period. Quick Reads, an annual series of paperback novellas intended to promote literacy, was launched in 2006 with NSA: I am a Dalek. This spin-off line featured the return of longtime Doctor Who novelist and scriptwriter Terrance Dicks to the world of Doctor Who fiction. A total of five Tenth Doctor novellas have been published in this line, with the last scheduled to be issued in March 2010.

Also launched during this period, in conjunction with BBC Audio, were a series of original made-for-audio stories performed by cast members of the series. The first of these, Pest Control, was issued in 2008, and a total of seven Tenth Doctor stories were published in this form into 2010. David Tennant has performed most of these, with Catherine Tate and Michelle Ryan also performing some.

All of the Tenth Doctor novels (except for the Quick Reads series) have been released as abridged audio books. The first three were read by David Tennant. After that, other actors from the series replaced Tennant, who did not reappear as narrator until the made-for-audio stories. The other actors include Freema Agyeman, Georgia Moffett, Anthony Head and Adjoa Andoh.

The Tenth Doctor also appeared in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, a release in the BBC The Sarah Jane Adventures novelisations line. Although the cover art matches the format of the NSA line, the book, published by Penguin Character Books, is not considered part of the New Series Adventures.

List of novels featuring the Tenth Doctor

Title Author ISBN Image
The Stone Rose Jacqueline Rayner ISBN 0-563-48643-0
The Feast of the Drowned Stephen Cole ISBN 0-563-48644-9
The Resurrection Casket Justin Richards ISBN 0-563-48642-2
The Nightmare of Black Island Mike Tucker ISBN 0-563-48650-3
The Art of Destruction Stephen Cole ISBN 0-563-48651-1
The Price of Paradise Colin Brake ISBN 0-563-48652-X
Sting of the Zygons Stephen Cole ISBN 1-84607-225-5
The Last Dodo Jacqueline Rayner ISBN 1-84607-224-3
Wooden Heart Martin Day ISBN 1-84607-226-3
Forever Autumn Mark Morris ISBN 1-84607-270-0
Sick Building Paul Magrs ISBN 1-84607-269-7
Wetworld Mark Michalowski ISBN 1-84607-271-9
Wishing Well Trevor Baxendale ISBN 1-84607-348-0
The Pirate Loop Simon Guerrier ISBN 1-84607-347-2
Peacemaker James Swallow ISBN 1-84607-349-9
Martha in the Mirror Justin Richards ISBN 978-1-8460-7349-6
Snowglobe 7 Mike Tucker ISBN 978-1-846-07421-9
The Many Hands Dale Smith ISBN 978-1-846-07422-6
Ghosts of India Mark Morris ISBN 978-1846075599
The Doctor Trap Simon Messingham ISBN 978-1846075582
Shining Darkness Mark Michalowski ISBN 978-1846075575
Beautiful Chaos Gary Russell ISBN 978-1846075636
The Eyeless Lance Parkin ISBN 978-1846075629
The Story of Martha Dan Abnett, David Roden, Steve Lockley
Paul Lewis, Robert Shearman, Simon Jowett
ISBN 978-1846075612
Judgement of the Judoon Colin Brake ISBN 978-1846076398
The Slitheen Excursion Simon Guerrier ISBN 978-1846076404
Prisoner of the Daleks Trevor Baxendale ISBN 978-1846076411
The Taking of Chelsea 426 David Llewellyn ISBN 978-1846077586
The Krillitane Storm Christopher Cooper ISBN 978-1846077616
Autonomy Daniel Blythe ISBN 978-1846077593

Quick Reads

Title Author ISBN Image
I am a Dalek Gareth Roberts ISBN 0-563-48648-1
Made of Steel Terrance Dicks ISBN 978-1-846-07204-8
Revenge of the Judoon Terrance Dicks ISBN 1-84607-372-3
The Sontaran Games Jacqueline Rayner ISBN 1-84607-643-9
Code of the Krillitanes Justin Richards Announced March 2010

Audio books

Title Author Narrator ISBN Image
Pest Control Peter Anghelides David Tennant ISBN 978-1-405-67819-3
The Forever Trap Dan Abnett Catherine Tate ISBN 978-1-408-40678-6
The Nemonite Invasion David Roden Catherine Tate ISBN 978-1-408-40679-3
The Rising Night Scott Handcock Michelle Ryan ISBN 978-1408409381
The Day of the Troll Simon Messingham David Tennant ISBN 978-1408409398
The Last Voyage Dan Abnett David Tennant ISBN 978-1-408-40940-2
Dead Air James Goss David Tennant Announced March 2010

Eleventh Doctor

The New Series Adventures line is scheduled to continue in 2010 with novels featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond having been announced. The first set of three are scheduled for release in April 2010, with the next three scheduled for July release.

The books are expected to undergo some design change from past releases to incorporate the new Doctor Who logo that has been introduced for the new era.

At least two audio-exclusive stories have also been announced for release. As of January 2010 it has not been announced whether the Quick Reads line will continue; as the 2010 release is a Tenth Doctor story, the earliest an Eleventh Doctor Quick Reads is expected to appear is in 2011.

Title Author ISBN Image
Apollo 13 Justin Richards 978-1-84607-200-X
Announced April 2010
Night of the Humans David Llewellyn 978-1-84607-969-1
Announced April 2010
The Forgotten Army Brian Minchin 978-1-84607-987-X
Announced April 2010
Adorable Illusion Gary Russell Announced July 2010
Nuclear Time Oli Smith Announced July 2010
The King's Dragon Una McCormack Announced July 2010

Audio books

Title Author Narrator ISBN Image
The Hounds of Artemis James Goss Unknown ISBN 978-1-408-42746-X
Announced April 2010
The Runaway Train Oli Smith Unknown ISBN 978-1-408-42747-8
Announced June 2010

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