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Steve Whitmire • (body)
Sherman Hemsley • (voice)

B.P. Richfield is a triceratops and Earl Sinclair's tyrannical field boss at the WESAYSO Development Corporation. Richfield is known for his fierce temper and tendency to eat those who quarrel with him (and also daughter Wendy Richfield's boyfriends). He seldom ventures outside of his trailer, overlooking the job site where Earl and his fellow tree pushers toil.

In the episode "Earl's Big Jackpot," which featured Richfield's mother, it was revealed that the initial "B" in Richfield's name stands for "Bradley." Other known relatives include a nephew (whose head was bitten off by Richfield) and an unseen wife. Richfield recalls the joy he felt when pushing his mother-in-law over a cliff on Hurling Day.

His last name, Richfield, is derived from the Richfield Oil Company, while his first two initials are taken from British Petroleum, another gas company.


  • Episode 101: The Mighty Megalosaurus
  • Episode 103: Hurling Day
  • Episode 205: Endangered Species
  • Episode 206: Employee of the Month
  • Episode 208: Career Opportunities
  • Episode 212: Refrigerator Day
  • Episode 213: What "Sexual" Harris Meant
  • Episode 214: Fran Live
  • Episode 215: Power Erupts
  • Episode 217: A New Leaf
  • Episode 219: Nuts to War (part 1)
  • Episode 220: Nuts to War (part 2)
  • Episode 221: And the Winner Is...
  • Episode 224: WESAYSO Knows Best
  • Episode 303: Baby Talk
  • Episode 305: The Discovery
  • Episode 308: Hungry for Love
  • Episode 314: Green Card
  • Episode 319: If I Were a Tree
  • Episode 320: We Are Not Alone
  • Episode 402: Earl, Don't Be a Hero
  • Episode 403: The Greatest Story Ever Sold
  • Episode 405: Earl's Big Jackpot
  • Episode 407: Changing Nature
  • Episode 410*: Working Girl
  • Episode 411*: Variations on a Theme Park
  • Episode 412*: Life in the Faust Lane

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