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Super Battle Droid
B2 super battle droid
Production information

Baktoid Combat Automata

Product line

B-series battle droid


B2 super battle droid


Battle droid

Technical specifications

1.93 meters

Sensor color



Dual built-in laser cannon (Wrist blaster; Tri-shot and Wrist rocket (1-2))

Chronological and political information
"Super battle droids never look as ferocious with their arms blown off."

The B2 super battle droid (SBD) was an upgraded version of the B1 battle droid, with superior armament and armor. They were manufactured after the battle of Naboo proved need for stronger droids. B2s were used by the Trade Federation, the Techno Union, and later, on a much larger scale, the Confederacy of Independent Systems.Some Were also reactivated on Mustafar By X1 in The Battle of Mustafar (Galactic Civil War). The Galactic Alliance also used some B2 units during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[1]



"I see battle droids…and something else!"
"Perhaps the Geonosians have upgraded the battle droids. These may be more formidable."
Siri Tachi and Adi Gallia
B2 super battle droids fighting in the Battle of Geonosis

One of the main design flaws of the standard B1 battle droid was its reliance on a Droid Control Ship to provide a signal; if the ships were disabled, the battle droids would become useless. To remedy this, the super battle droid did not rely on such a signal and had a greater capacity for independence. However, the droid still operated best with a command signal, otherwise they tended to forget about enemies as soon as they moved out of visual range. Also, the sturdy frame of the super battle droid was larger and more heavily armored than those of a B1.[2]

Unlike its predecessor, the B2's delicate processing unit and signal receptor were buried deep inside the torso, offering much more protection from enemy fire. Small dual laser cannons were mounted on their right and/or left forearms, along with a tri-shot weapon system. The B2's forearms could also be replaced by rocket launchers. They could use external weaponry (except in rocket launcher configuration), though their large hands had difficulty with smaller blasters. Instead, they were equipped with special blaster rifles that only responded to signal emitters built into the hands. For the sake of efficiency, they used many B1 parts. Their feet were also outfitted with specialized equipment for difficult terrain, such as climbing claws.[2] Their arms also were modular, capable of exchanging their laser cannon for grenade launchers and other specialized weaponry.

B2 battle droid lineup.

When they were not using their built-in laser cannons, they had their right forearm locked upright.[3]

As heavy infantry droids, B2s could take much more punishment than their flimsy predecessors. Even after being defeated, they could detach their torsos and keep up an attack although this was detrimental to their combat skill. Despite such traits some models seemingly suffered low heat tolerance and were subject to bursting into flame upon contact.[4]

Most post-Battle of Geonosis B2 droids were capable of communicating with each other using an oversimplified version of Galactic Basic Standard.



Clone Wars

"They've sent in the supers!"
―Various clone troopers
Barriss Offee destroys a B2 on Drongar.

The B2 was preceded by the lesser-used prototype beta version.[5]

During their first deployment at the Kashyyyk Trade Rebellion in 28 BBY, the new B2 designs proved to be a match for the local Wookiee warriors.[6]

Super battle droids saw use throughout the Clone Wars as soldiers for the Confederacy along with its smaller cousins and the dreaded droidekas. Though the first super battle droids seen on Geonosis wore an unpainted dull silver tone, many of the droids used in later battles of the Clone Wars were painted dark blue, likely to differentiate them from the red coloration the Confederacy used for its standard battle droids, or perhaps due to varying manufacturers.[7]

Some Super Battle Droids were used as scouts to observe the plains of Geonosis, mostly because of their brute strength and their ability to destroy modest ground targets. This pleased many of the local Geonosians affiliated with the C.I.S., thus sometimes using the B2s as "spire guards."

A camouflaged super battle droid.

The droids eventually were able to express certain emotions, though having catastrophic grammar. They possessed a more violent temperament than the B1 model, to the point they would even strike down allied units in order to quickly intercept enemy targets, as seen in the Battle of Geonosis. As well as that, they were also considerably more durable and intelligent, capable of easily withstanding light blaster bolts.[3]

Super battle droids were often retrofitted with adversarial specific parts. However, this method was introduced late in the war and had little effect on the outcome of the conflict. One known model change was the introduction of the grapple droid, which had heavier armor and a larger frame. This droid was programmed to be a close combat model able to receive primary lightsaber slashes and disable enemies through its electrified claws.[8] Another specialized variant was involved in the release of the swamp gas toxin on Ohma-D'un. The D-60 assault droid, another variant, was used in the Battle of Cartao by CIS forces.[9] A jetpack-equipped variant of the droid, the jump droid, was also developed.[10]

The B2 battle droid was designed by the Techno Union using the existing B1 design as a template. After prototypes were successfully tested, Count Dooku struck a deal with Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of Geonosis, to mass produce these droids.

A super battle droid.

Further orders were placed on worlds controlled by Baktoid and quadrillions of B2s were soon running off the assembly lines. Despite their advantages and ease of production, however, they were not manufactured as extensively as their inferior cousins, the B1s.

During the Clone Wars, B2s would become an important component of the Separatist Droid Army. They participated in most battles in that conflict including the Battle of Geonosis, Battle of Muunilinst, Battle of Coruscant, and Battle of Kashyyyk, and innumerable others throughout the galaxy. B2s were used as shooting range targets as part of the training of clone sharpshooters.[11]

Following the execution of the Separatist Council by Darth Sidious's new apprentice, Darth Vader, the B2s were deactivated.

Post-Clone Wars

A few years after Order 66, Gizor Dellso reactivated a Droid Foundry on Mustafar. The force the factory created included many B2s.

After the Clone Wars, a few entrepreneurs found warehouses filled with the droids. Many were sold to gangs or major crimelords for enforcement. Others would be used by the various Separatist holdouts. Like some B1 battle droids, B2s were also used as guards inside the Death Watch Bunker on Endor.[12]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, many B2 droids used by the Galactic Alliance made up a force known as the Orange Panthacs, which beat back an occupation force of fire breathers on Mantessa.[1]


A B2 unit mounted on an orray.
SBDs aboard the Malevolence.
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