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The B'rel-class (also known as the K22B-class) was a type of Klingon bird-of-prey scout starship in Imperial Defense Force service in the 23rd century. By the 24th century, these vessels were considered surplus, and were often sold or traded to other powers. (TNG episode: "Rascals", RPG sourcebook: Starships; CCG: Rules of Acquisition)

They were classified as a class 1 vessel. (DS9 video game: Dominion Wars)



The B’rel class, first developed in 2270, is the second known Bird-of-Prey operated by the Klingon Empire, it builds directly on the successful design on the earlier Birds-of-Prey but includes ideas and technology taken from Romulan designs obtained in the short lived Klingon-Romulan alliance of the 23rd century, most notably a cloaking device (Reference Book: Starship Spotter).

The B'rel class not only remained in service well into the 24th century but also inspired a larger variation, the K'vort class.


The B'rel class bird-of-prey features adjustable wings, which can take on different positions to optimise the class for battle, warp speed, atmospheric flight and even landing (TOS movies/novelizations: The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home)

A modified B'rel class firing a photon torpedo whilst cloaked

In 2293 one B'rel class ship, the IKS Dakronh, was modified to fire it weaponry whilst cloaked. Despite its advantages, this vessel was destroyed after only a few months of operation. (TOS movie/novelization: The Undiscovered Country)

Another feature present in recent versions of these craft, which may not be standard, was the introduction of Gravity mines that would latch on to and slow down enemy ships. (TNG games: Armada & Armada II)

Known vessels


Bird-of-Prey classes
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Alphanumeric names D2D3D4D5D6D7 • (D7/D5 KlolodeD7 AkifD7AD7CD7GD7MD7RD7SD7 Koloth) • D9D10 (bird of prey)D10 (cruiser) • D11D12 (bird of prey)D12 (cruiser) • D14D16D18D20D32G3G4G5G6G8K3K4K5K6K14K15K17K18K22 • (K22B) • K23K24K26K27K30K32L6L9L13L24L42S4S5S8T3T5T12
By time period or type Birds-of-prey (22nd century bird of prey) • 23rd century scout vesselmobile battle basecargo shipcolony shipconstruction ship • mining freighter • prison barge • repair ship

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The B'rel class bird-of-prey was a type of light warship that saw service in with the Klingon Empire during the 23rd and 24th centuries.

During its life time the B'rel saw many variations. They could range in limit from around 100m to 175m. (Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 3: Ships of the Klingon Empire)

Background information

  • Specifications from the Ship Recognition Manual, Volume 3: Ships of the Klingon Empire for the 'average' B'rel.

B'rel class Birds-of-Prey
Canon: Rotarran
Other notable ships: Al'vang - Bochnah - Boghara - Ch'vang - Dor'geth - Hidoken - Pragh - Sa'trin - TaSorD - ToH'la
See also: K'Vort class Bird-of-Prey

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