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Bajor-B'hava'el was the main sequence (type 62 V or bright yellow dwarf) star of the Bajoran system. The star was orbited by at least two class M worlds, including Bajor and Bajor VIII. Bajor-B'hava'el is approximately 50 light years away from Sol. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual, RPG: Star Trek Deep Space Nine Roleplaying Game Narrator's Toolkit))

The light energy from B'hava'el was instrumental in the Bajoran's travel across the system, as their lightships, equipped with solar sails, used it. (DS9 episode: "Explorers")

Prior to the Dominion War, the star was a target of the Founder who had replaced Doctor Julian Bashir. He constructed a weapon comprised of trilithium, tekasite, and protomatter. This weapon would have caused Bajor-B'hava'el to go supernova. The real Doctor Bashir - along with Worf, Son of Mogh and Garak - escaped from Dominion captivity just in time to warn Deep Space 9 that a Changeling infiltrator was on board. Discovering the runabout USS Yukon speeding towards Bajor-B'hava'el with the changeling on board, the USS Defiant dragged the runabout away from the star before the weapon could be used. (DS9 episode: "By Inferno's Light")

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