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Release date 18 April 2005 (Update)
Race Mahjarrat
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Desert Treasure, The Temple at Senntisten
Location Jaldraocht Pyramid, Senntisten Temple
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine A Mahjarrat warrior./A mysterious archaeologist.
Notable features Mahjarrat and champion of Zaros.

Azzanadra, sometimes referred to as his human alias Dr Nabanik, is a Zarosian Mahjarrat currently active in Gielinor, and amongst the most powerful in the race's history. After being brought to Gielinor by the Menaphite deity Icthlarin in the early Second Age, Azzanadra and the rest of the Mahjarrat race served the Menaphite people of the Kharidian Desert, until eventually switching their allegiance to the god Zaros.

Following the overthrow of Zaros by the Mahjarrat general Zamorak, Azzanadra was one of few Mahjarrat to remain overtly Zarosian in the race's coming schism. During the God Wars, he worked to maintain what little power Zaros's followers managed to retain as the Third Age began. Despite accomplishing such feats as the single-handed defeat of Thammaron's forces as Uzer, Azzanadra's efforts were largely futile, and he was eventually imprisoned by Zamorakians in the Jaldraocht Pyramid near Menaphos.

During the Desert Treasure quest, Azzanadra is freed by the player, although his thousands of years in confinement have left him weak and disoriented. During the The Temple at Senntisten quest, Azzanadra takes on a human form in which he refers to himself as Dr Nabanik. With the player's aid, Azzanadra manages to re-establish contact with Zaros through the temple beneath the Digsite east of Varrock, evidently as part of the events preceding the 18th Ritual of Rejuvenation in The North.


Azzanadra's Timeline

  • Came to Gielinor with the other Mahjarrat.
  • Azzanadra became the champion of Zaros.
  • When Zamorak rebelled, Azzanadra remained loyal to Zaros.
  • Azzanadra destroyed the great army of Thammaron, who were attacking Uzer.
  • Zaros was banished, but Azzanadra and Akthanakos remained loyal. Azzanadra used the Senntisten Temple to communicate with Zaros.
  • Azzanadra was practically invincible, so a spell was cast upon him to bind his power into 4 diamonds: the diamonds of Shadow, Blood, Smoke and Ice. The Desert Treasure quest also hints that Saradominists and Zamorakians worked together to bring him down. Each diamond was given to a warrior of Zamorak for safe-keeping.

Millennia later...

  • In the quest Desert Treasure, an adventurer seeks the four diamonds. They are still in the possession of their guardians: Kamil, Fareed, Damis and Malak. The first three of these refuse to give up their diamond and are killed, but Malak gives up his diamond in exchange for the favour of killing Dessous. The adventurer frees Azzanadra, who is in a ghost-like form, wearing an ancient-looking chestplate and a jackal headdress
  • In the quest The Temple at Senntisten, Azzanadra takes the guise of "Dr. Nabanik", an archaeologist. With help from the player, he gets permission to restore the ruined Senntisten Temple beneath the Digsite. Again, with the adventurer's help, he reopens the communication portal to Zaros.

As Dr Nabanik

Azzanadra's alias, Dr Nabanik.

During The Temple at Senntisten, Azzanadra disguises himself as an archaeologist named Dr Nabanik working at the Digsite south-east of Varrock. Nabanik was first mentioned when replying to a question directed at Jhallan in the 41st issue of Postbag from the Hedge[1], long before the The Temple at Senntisten was released. During the letter, he appears to be keen to show off his knowledge, offering to answer a player question on the Mahjarrat's ritual. He claims that a Fremennik actually witnessed the ritual taking place, although he did not know it[2].

Nabanik's true identity is revealed during The Temple at Senntisten, from which point on he is referred to as Azzanadra even though he remains in his human form. He can be found at the Digsite, where he will recruit the player into finding artefacts for him in order to restore Zaros's temple.


  • In Postbag 42, as Dr. Nabanik, Azzanadra jokes that he is a Mahjarrat. During The Temple at Senntisten, it is revealed that this is actually the truth.
  • Also in Postbag from the Hedge 42, Dr. Nabanik mentioned that he had "spent some time in the pyramids", this is obviously a joke to his imprisonment by the Zamorak forces back in the God Wars.
  • As Nabanik, Azzanadra appears to be wearing a worn out Dark cavalier.


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