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34 BBY

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Human Clone




1.78 metres

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Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era onwards.


CIS, Droid Confederacy

"He escaped the Force cage! How?"
"It baffled all of our officers, sir. He must be incredibly inventive.
—Darth Tyler and AT6-3 discuss how Azz'gabat escaped a force cage on the Medal.

Azz'gabat was a clone who became a Dark Acolyte and separatist commander.



One of the Gabat batch's stolen transports lands on Raxus Prime.

Life on Kamino

Azz'gabat was cloned from Jango Fett, as were all Republic clones. However, Azz was force-sensitive. He realized this at a young age, and practiced his power whenever he could not be seen by the Kaminoans. Because of his powers, Azz began to believe that he was more powerful than the Kaminoans so began to rebel. The Kaminoans immediately decided that Azz was 'imperfect', so took him to be executed. To be safe, the batch of Clones that Azz had been grown with were also taken. In the execution chamber, Azz used force pull to take two guns from the executioners. He passed one to a fellow Clone and kept one for himself. Using these guns, the batch were able to kill all of their guards and escape. They stole a few starships and fled Kamino.


The batch of clones landed on Raxus Prime, where they found the beginnings of the CIS. Azz, who had been chosen as the clones' leader, decided on joining the Confederacy. Azz became a commander in the Confederacy's Army. He greatly admired Gievous' skill. Azz was also able to recruit several clone troopers to his cause, and by the end of the clone wars, the number of clones under his command was almost high enough to qualify for a Battalion.

Dark Acolyte

After he revealed his force powers to Count Dooku, Azz was taken on as a Dark Acolyte. Dooku taught him lightsabre combat and many force powers. Because of Dooku's training as a Jedi, he was able to teach Azz light side powers as well as dark side powers.


After the fall of the CIS, Azz joined up with an Assassin droid and his band of followers to flee from the empire. They went to an uninhabited planet and founded the Droid Confederacy. Azz participated in many battles, most notably the second Battle of Providence in which he dueled Darth Tyler and became possibly the first person ever to escape from a force cage.


Azz'gabat's blasters


"I call the red one!"
—Azz'gabat after he and his clones stole several suits of ARC trooper armor.

Azz wore red, white and gray ARC captain armor which he and his clones had stolen before fleeing Kamino. Azz had been given the captain armor because he was the selected leader of his clones, and all of the other suits were blue lieutenant-style. Though when participating in a duel or mission Azz preferred to wear lightweight robes, he would always wear his ARC armor in battle. Azz's armor was fitted with a small two-way radio built in to the wrist so that he could communicate easily with his allies in the Droid Confederacy.


Azz in full armor.
"They... they're beautiful things really."
—Azz on his blasters.

Azz was always prepared in any battle he went in to. He carried multiple blaster rifles and pistols, his favorites being a pair of twin DC-17 hand blasters which he used in every battle he was in, even if his lightsabers seemed a far better option. For this reason, Azz was considered a very 'blunt instrument' by his enemies. However, when thinking, Azz was far more precise than many gave him credit for.


"If you're gonna do what I do with your lightsabers, they have to be easy to use."
—Azz on his lightsabers and combat style.

Azz wielded two red lightsabers, one a more traditional style except with a curved hilt, and one with a very elaborate hand-guard. His preferred saber was the curved one, and whenever dueling a particularly deadly opponent, Azz would always confirm that this saber was in his left hand (Azz was left-handed despite being cloned from a right-handed specimen).

Behind the Scenes

  • Azz, though very different to him in character, is portrayed by captain Fordo.

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