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Ayy Vida
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Yellow, with red dye

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Rise of the Empire era


Hat Lo

Ayy Vida was an exotic Twi'lek dancer and assassin in Coruscant's Outlander Club. She used her alluring dancing to get close to her marks. She was often accompanied by her friend, the purple-skinned Lunae Minx. She was the unwilling consort of the petty criminal Hat Lo, and would have fled from him if not for her fear of his Weequay bodyguard, Tas Kee.

One night in 22 BBY, she caught the eye of a Achk Med-Beq, a young Republic Officer. She may have believed that he would take her away from the lifestyle, but he was nothing more than a con-artist.

Though originally yellow-skinned, Ayy had her skin artificially dyed to produce a mottled, red-yellow pattern.

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Behind the scenes

Ayy Vida extra offstage with Anthony Daniels.

Ayy Vida was played by Karina Wakefield in Attack of the Clones.


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