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Axis Amerika

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Axis Amerika

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Created in 1942, Axis Amerika was Adolf Hitler's secret weapon against the All-Star Squadron.

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Axis Amerika first appeared in early 1942 around the time of All-Star Squadron member TNT's death, which was caused by Nazi saboteurs while he and his partner Dyna-Mite were pursuing them in Indian Creek, Colorado. They attacked the All-Star Squadron right at their headquarters, only for them to deal with new young heroes such as Fury, "Iron" Munro, and Flying Fox who would become part of the auxiliary team known as the Young All-Stars. They fled when they saw Alan Scott (Green Lantern) bring Neptune Perkins and Tsunami (who was originally offered to join Axis Amerika, but refused) with him to the headquarters. However, they turned their attention over to attacking the Young All-Stars during their war bond rally drive, nearly succeeding in capturing all of them when Fury transformed into Tisiphone the Blood Avenger, overwhelming them with such force that it caused the death of one of Axis Amerika's team members, Fledermaus.


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  • It is believed that Axis Amerika was created not only as villainous counterparts of the vanished Golden Age Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Speedy, but also as Golden Age counterparts of the at-the-time nonexistent Crime Syndicate of Earth-3.

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