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While the first Trickster was working for the F.B.I., teenager Axel Walker stole all of Jesse's gadgets and shoes and became the new Trickster. He joined Blacksmith's Network and destroyed files from Goldface and Hunter Zolomon for her. He was also given new "toys" in addition to James' originals. After the defeat of Blacksmith, He was offered to join the new Rogues led by Captain Cold, and accepted. He remained with the new Rogues until the "reformed" Rogues attempted to stop Cold. While the two Tricksters were fighting, the Top gave Jesse's memory back. The original Trickster then defeated his successor and told him never to become the Trickster again.

He later answered an ad from five college students asking for an experienced superhero to train them. Once he arrived to the location in the ad, he had dinner with the students and then killed all five of them. His crime was discovered when Detective Chimp found the Helmet of Fate, put it on, and used it to help deduce who the murderer was. Axel was then arrested. [1]

Following the death of James Jesse, Axel redonned the Trickster gear and began operating with his own crew out of one of the Rogues' old hideouts. When the Rogues returned, Axel discovered that they were planning to retire and go underground, and that their killing of Bart Allen had been an accident. [2] However, Axel joined the Rogues in their revenge quest against Inertia, going against Libra's "New Rogues", Zoom, and Inertia as well. During their quest, Mirror Master explained that joining the Rogues wasn't about "wanting" to be one, but why he "needed" to be one.

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This individual does not possess any superhuman capabilities.

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Average: Axel Walker possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in moderate, regular exercise.



Axel Walker stole all of his equipment from the first Trickster, James Jesse. As such, he has the same flying shoes, and goofy weapons and gadgetry. His stuff tends to be modified more sinisterly though.


Shoes that allow him to hover.

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  2. Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge #1

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