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Real Name
Current Alias




Formerly K.G.B Special Interests Program

Paulin Avruskin (mother; deceased), Tor Avruskin (father; deceased)


Base Of Operations


6' 3"

230 lbs (105 kg)



Unusual Features
Face is surgically altered to mirror Superman's


Marital Status

Believed to be an alien who weakened under the yellow sun, after killing his superiors in K.G.B, was arrested and placed into solitary confinement where he was overtaken by a blackness called Zod.

Place of Birth
God Hammer (space-based Soviet nuclear-weapons platform)

Place of Death

First appearance
Last appearance

Image:Quote1.png I am your destroyer. I am the one that will bring you to your knees. Image:Quote2.png
-- General Zod



The child known as Zed was the son of two Russian astronauts who were part of a Soviet plan to build a space station in orbit during the Cold War. The experiment went bad when a meteor shower struck the space station, bombarding it with radiation. Zed's parents survive the destruction of the space station: his mother dies shortly after giving birth to him, his father is left horribly mutilated. The child is taken in by the Soviet authorities and experimented upon. Yellow sunlight makes him very weak, but it's discovered that red sunlight radiation gives him incredible powers. Zed grows up in captivity, allowed to write and receive letters with his father, and grows stronger as he gets older (and is continually bathed in red sunlight). He even trains with the KGBeast. When he is a young man, he learns about Superman for the first time. He realizes that Superman is an alien, and that he is not; he realizes that his father has been dead for years and his Soviet masters have been lying to him about that; he soon becomes obsessed with the Man of Steel. He becomes convinced that they are the perfect opposites of one another. Zod believes that when the rocket ship brought Superman to Earth, it was in the same meteor shower that destroyed his ship (this is neither explicitly confirmed nor denied). Finally, one day while in meditation, his mind is contacted by the soul of a being who hates Superman as much as he has grown to--a man named Zod. Zed decides he will take this man's name and under it will he defeat Superman.[1]

Zod eventually is able to build a suit of red armor that filters the sunlight, allowing him to travel and retain his incredible powers. At some point before the turn of the new millennium, Zod managed to seize control of the former Soviet satellite state of Pokolistan. He eventually brought to him Faora and Ignition to be his loyal lieutenants and began a long scheming plan to destroy Superman and conquer the world.

Zod's first plan was to poison Superman. He had Zaora hired the mercenary La Encantadora to deliver a Kryptonite based microbe into the Man of Steel via a kiss.[2] La Encantadora was successful at making her delivery, and Superman did not suspect that her kiss was anything sinister.[3] Within a few weeks, however, just after Y2K, the poisonous microbe began to take its toll. Superman grew sickly, and even began to glow green. He needed Batman to help him locate a kidnapped Lois Lane and when they found her, he collapsed from the effort. Zod hired Deathstroke the Terminator to eliminate La Encantadora before she could confess to what she had done. Unfortunatley for Zod, Deathstroke failed, and Dora's helped the rest of Superman's friends to cure him of the infection.[4]

Zod then decided to reformulate his plans. Coinciding with this decision was the public announcement that Lex Luthor was running for President of the United States. Zod decided he would use this to his advantage--but timing was crucial. While he waited, Zod had Ignition capture Bizarro so that he could be used as a punching bag by Zod.[5] He also used the extracted kryptonite tumor to create a new lifeform, the homicidal monster known as Kancer.[6]

In the political arena, Zod was the unknown, unidentified dictator of Pokolistan. When he was certain that Superman knew that he was responsible for the poisoning and for Kancer, he ordered his army to attack two of his neighboring countries (and eventually pressed into Berlin as well). He did so knowing that Superman would come. The Man of Steel was right on cue, and he battled Ignition, Kancer, and Faora alongside Superboy, Supergirl, and Kelex until Zod himself showed up. Sucker punching Superman from behind, he struck the Kryptonian so hard it actually broke his jaw. After Superman was patched up, he returned to have a word with the general, at which time his identity was revealed as Zod--although Superman did not know his history, so was confused as to who this "Zod" could be. Their battle was interrupted, however, by the coming of Imperiex, Destroyer of Galaxies.[7]

The final conflict with General Zod finally occurs. After meta-humans begin to pop up all over the country, General Zod approaches in a feigned gesture of peace, after attacking the country of Bhutran, claiming they are responsible. Not only are meta-humans appearing, but current ones are experiencing power troubles. He reveals himself at last--he looks just like Superman. At first, Superman suspects that he is really the Superman from the Phantom Krypton he has recently visited. He announces a plot to change the sun from yellow to red--a plot that seemingly succeeds, which of course he is really responsible for, as his suit really transfered yellow sunlight to red and made him as strong as Superman. With the sun red, he no longer requires the suit, and after taking down a de-powered Superman and leaving him to die trapped in his own suit orbiting the sun, he masquerades as Big Blue and seizes control of a secret U.S. facility, forcing President Luthor to flee. As most of the Justice League and other heroes are rounded up, Superman and Luthor join together with an army of villains from the orbiting prison facility. While Superman takes on Zod, Luthor manages to return the sun to its proper color with some help from Metallo. Ignition is unable to stop them. Zod tries to get Superman to kill him, but Superman refuses. When the sun changes back to yellow, Zod rams Superman at full speed--with Superman's powers returned and Zod's instantly diminished, the blow kills him. He dies with Superman standing over him, commenting that Superman still wears "his" face.[8]




Solar-shielding armor

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