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Avians or birds were a classification of animal, generally characterized as warm-blooded vertebrates which reproduce by laying eggs. Many avians had adapted body structures which gave them the ability to fly, including feathers and wings. A female bird is sometimes referred to as a hen.


Many different species of birds are native to Earth. Spock noted the presence of birds over the Pacific Ocean while on shore leave at Kauai's Ka'a Beach in Hawaii. (TOS novel: Vulcan's Glory)

The farmers on the Armada, a series of agricultural domes, introduced birds and insects into its ecosystem to regulate infestations rather than using pesticides. (TNG comic: "Space Seeds")

An avian trader conducted business on Deep Space 9 in 2370. When it was startled by a group of Horta it accidentally got its talons stuck in a nearby Gelloid. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

When Nog was offered an omelet by Vic Fontaine in 2376 he declined upon recalling Earth omelets were typically made with bird's eggs and flavoured mold, a thought which disgusted him. (DS9 novel: Avatar)

Sentient avian species

Other avian species

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(Real Name Disclosed)
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of (Real Name Disclosed)]]
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Avian
"The Epidemic"
Height 5'9"
Weight 202 pounds
Date of birth July 27th, 1979
Place of birth Unknown
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Whispering Pines, North Carolina
Billed from
Trainer None
World Attitude Wrestling
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Debut November 20, 2006



World Attitude Wrestling
WAW Website

Chaotic Championship Wrestling (07/15/07 - 01/10/08)
CCW Website
CCW Forum

New Generation Wrestling (06/20/07 - 07/08/07)

Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment (11/20/06 - 06/06/07)
XWE Website
XWE Forum


Wrestler Name: Avian
Wrestling Style: Hardcore, High Flyer
Hometown: Whispering Pines, North Carolina
Age: 27 (07/27/1979)
Height: 5'9
Weight: 202 pounds
Alignment: Heel
Favorite Move:
1. Step Up Enziguri
2. Moonsault
3. Shooting Star Press
4. Stinger Splash
5. Suicide Dive
6. Sling Shot Cross Body
7. Stalling Dropkick
8. Whisper in the Wind
9. Jump Up Hurricanrana
10. Leg Drop from top turnbuckle
Finisher 1: Broken Wings
Finisher 2: Crash Landing
Entrance Music: "Holy Diver" by Killswitch Engage
Ring Attire: Click Here


All background information has been asked to keep disclosed by Avian.

Chaotic Championship Wrestling

During his time in Chaotic Championship Wrestling, Avian became one of the flagship superstars. He was the first and only superstar to hold both the X-Division and Heavyweight Championship belts. He was a Money In The Bank winner and also an Intercontinental Champion. Here was the place where Avian coined the name "King of Ladder Matches". All records have been lost.

New Generation Wrestling

Avian was once part of the short-lived New Generation Wrestling. During his time there, he had a infamous feud with "Crazy" Ted Johnston. A feud that everyone remembers as the most bloody rivalry anyone has ever seen. Due to the short run of the NGW, all records in this federation were not even able to be written.

Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment

W:5 - L:3 - D:1

November 20, 2006: Avian def. Ander Andrews & Damien Thorn in a Triple Threat Match
December 11, 2006: Avian competed in a Elimination Ladder Match for the Xtreme Championship, and was last eliminated by Sean O'Haire
December 18, 2006: Avian def. Ander Andrews to become #1 Contender for the Xtreme Championship
January 1, 2007: Avian competes in a Battle Royal to compete for the Undisputed Championship, but is eliminated by Sean O'Haire.
---Avian then climbs back into the ring to eliminate Sean O'Haire
January 15, 2007: Avian appears on the Confession Room and possesses Ms. Gianni's body to reply
---Avian def. Sean O'Haire in a non-title match
January 22, 2007: Avian vs. Sean O'Haire (Hardcore Match) went to a No Contest
February 4, 2007: Avian def. Sean O'Haire in a Ladder Match to become Xtreme Champion
February 23, 2007: Avian appeared backstage and appears as if he (unusually) talked.
---Avian appeared in the crowd and kept his eye on Ted Johnston.
---Avian def. Johnny Nitro to retain his Xtreme Championship

---Avian is suspended for four months.

May 11, 2007: Avian talks to the crowd, explaining where he has been. He claims someone got him suspended and vows to find him.
-Chris Masters def. Avian to become the #1 Contender for the Xtreme Championship.
--A masked man comes in and interferes, causing Avian the loss.
May 18, 2007: Avian demands for a match against the masked man and Gianni gives it to him for next week.
June 1, 2007: Avian comes out and announces he has a guess as to who the masked man is. He calls him a has-been and calls him out. The man doesn't come, yet a promo for him airs, letting everyone know he will come next week.
June 6, 2007: The masked man has his debut match and reveals himself to be KEA PARKER!

---Avian quits from XWE, relinquishing the Xtreme Championship.


Avian vs. Sean O'Haire

On the December 11, 2006 episode of Aggression, Avian competed in a Elimination Ladder Match for the Xtreme Championship. The match also consisted of Sean O'Haire, Ander Andrews, Damien Thorn, Slayden Everett, and Kyle Taylor. After going through hell and taking his opponents with him, Avian pulled out all the stops to take out his opponents. The last men standing came to himself, Damien Thorn, and Sean O'Haire. After Avian hit his finisher on Damien Thorn, taking him clear out of the competition, he found himself racing up the ladder against Sean. The two battled it out, only for Sean O'Haire to get the upper hand and to become the champion.

Afterward, Avian took a vow that he would get revenge on O'Haire. Believing that Sean didn't deserve the title that was named 'Xtreme' because the only man that could define Xtreme was Avian himself. Avian did anything he possibly could. From hardcore chair shots, to his trademark high flying moves. He ended up getting the attention he deserved, and became #1 Contender for the title after defeating Ander Andrews. He then scored himself a title shot at the Pay Per View titled Insurrextion, where he would face the champ in the match that started this whole thing off in the first place, a Ladder Match.

Just weeks before, Avian did his best to make Sean's life a living hell. But Sean had no problem doing the same to Avian. The two competed in a Hardcore Match, just one week before the big night. The two took each other to the limit, and in the end, Avian took Sean out with his finisher, crashing them both through a table. The two couldn't go on, and the match went to a No Contest. This match clearly showed to everyone how much these two despised each other.

February 4, 2007: Insurrextion. The match was gruesome. The two went at each other until neither of them could stand. But in the end, the last man standing, Avian prevailed. The challenger became the champion, and his quest for revenge was finally over.

Title History

1x CCW Heavyweight Champion
2x CCW X-Division Champion
1x CCW Intercontinental Champion
1x XWE Xtreme Champion

Notable Feuds

Sean O'Haire (XWE)

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"What're those big birds flying fast toward us?"
―Han Solo

There were many kinds of birds across the galaxy. Bird was also a slang name for a starship. Most birds could fly; however, there were some flightless species.


True birds

Other creatures

Other uses


  • Star Wars 9: Showdown on a Wasteland World (First mentioned)

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