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Official Name
Team Aliases
A-Next, The next generation of Avengers


Team Identity


Base Of Operations


Banded together to battle an Asgardian evil

Place of Formation

First appearance

What If? Vol 2 #105
(February, 1998)




It is believed that the Avengers history was exactly the same as that of Earth-616 prior to the event in which Mary Jane Watson went into premature labor during the Clone Saga. Earth-982 was created in What If Volume 2 105 when it was postulate about what might have happened had Norman Osborn not stolen Peter Parker/Spider-Man's daughter.


Current history

Five years after the Clone Saga and ten years before the current Earth-982 time, the Avengers officially disbanded. The Avengers headquarters were overseen by the Maria Stark Foundation, and tours were given daily.

Recently, Kevin Masterson II, son of Eric Masterson, was called to the Avengers Mansion to receive the weapon Thunderstrike upon his return to New York City from California. Thor wished Kevin to have it as memento from Eric, now dead, and at first Kevin was saddened to find the weapon no longer wielded any power. Upon leaving the compound, a contingent of troll-men from Asgard accosted Kevin for the mace, and Edwin Jarvis, chief of staff at the Avengers Mansion, initiated the long dormant Avengers signal to assemble. Only Jubilation Lee, now leader of the X-People, and Helen Takahama (Jolt) received the summons. Cassandra Lang, while out testing modified Ant-Man/Wasp designs through communication with her father Scott Lang, picks up the distress call in her antenna and responds to her fathers dismay. Robbie Baldwin (Speedball) and Zane Yama (J2) saw the commotion on the street and also responded. The enigmatic Mainframe also showed up. After a battle that sent them to Asgard and lead to Kevin "fusing" with the mace Thunderstrike, Mainframe propositioned the group to continue as the Avengers. Jolt, Speedball, and Jubilee declined for personal reasons but commented that they were always willing to help. A-Next was created then with Mainframe, The Stinger, J2, and Thunderstrike.


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