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The Avenger as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

Avenger is a recurring weapon in the series. It is usually a very powerful weapon, obtained late in the game, though this is not always the case. It usually involves the Berserk status.




Final Fantasy IV

Cecil wielding the Avenger in Final Fantasy IV DS.

The Avenger is a sword that is first found in the Sylph Cave, and while equipped, puts the wielder in a constant Berserk state. It has an Attack power of 80, Accuracy of 45, gives +10 Strength, Speed, and Stamina, and -10 Intelligence and Spirit. More can be won from Behemoths and King Behemoths, though they are a very rare drop.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Avenger is a weapon that is not usable by the player, and was left in the game's coding. It had an Attack of 90, increased Strength, Speed, and Stamina by 10, had an Accuracy of 99%, and decreased Spirit and Intelligence by 10. It would have been used by Cecil, Ceodore, Kain, and Golbez.

Final Fantasy IX

The Avenger is a high-level weapon for Amarant, which can be either bought from Bran Bal or Daguerreo for 6,000 gil, or stolen from Earth Guardian. It teaches the abilities Demi Shock and Counter, and has innate Instant Death. It boosts an Attack power of 70.

Final Fantasy X

The Avenger is a weapon for Tidus that can only be gotten if the dominant ability on his weapon is either Counterattack or Evade & Counter.

Final Fantasy XI

Avengers is a high-level hand-to-hand weapon obtained as rare loot from the Bomb Queen.

Avenger as seen in Final Fantasy XII.

Final Fantasy XII

The Avenger is, oddly enough, a high-level dagger that has a chance of inflicting Berserk on hit. It requires 35 LP to use, costs 6,000 gil to buy, has an Attack power of 52 and Evade of 5.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Avenger is a level 40 dagger that provides +34 Attack and costs 496 gil to buy.

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