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DC Comics

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Real Name
Current Alias




Randy Steele (brother); Helen Steele (sister-in-law)



5' 11"
6'2" (as Robotman)

187 lbs (85 kg)
295 lbs (133.80 kg) (as Robotman)[1]

Brown, (as Steele); Red optical sensors (as Robotman)

Brown, (as Steele); none (as Robotman)

Unusual Features
Cliff Steele is a cyborg. His only biological system is his brain.


Marital Status

Adventurer, former International sports champion; professional racecar driver


After an accident destroyed his body, Cliff Steele's brain was transplanted into a mechanical-electric body making him a cyborg and joining the Doom Patrol.

Place of Birth

Image:Quote1.png I'm not a sophisticated kind of guy. I couldn't think of one clever way to stop this guy, so I just trusted to mindless violence. Image:Quote2.png
-- Robotman



Robotman, Cliff Steele, is a member of the Doom Patrol. His human corpse was destroyed in a horrific driving accident that happened in Speedway City [2], leaving only his brain salvageable, and it was transplanted into that of a mechanical robot. Although this has made him largely an outcast from society, and unable to truly live a normal life, he uses the incredible abilities of his new body to fight for good against the forces of evil.


Cliff Steele was an obsessive daredevil. He engaged in every extreme sporting event he could, from spelunking to racecar driving. He climbed the Himalayan Mountains, rafted down the Amazon River, and spent six months living in a tribal African village.


At one point in his career, Cliff became involved in the NASCAR circuit. He became a professional racecar driver and participated in the Indianapolis 500. The Indy 500 proved to be Cliff's final race however. During the race, his car slid through an oil slick and toppled over. The car exploded irrevocably destroying Cliff's body. A brilliant surgeon by the name of Dr. Niles Caulder volunteered to lend his assistance in the hopes of saving Cliff's life. Although his body was destroyed, Caulder managed to save Cliff's brain. He transferred the brain into a cybernetic body, and Cliff became known as Robotman. Caulder made arrangements so that his participation in the surgery remained completely anonymous.

When Cliff awakened in the hospital bed, he soon learned what had become of him. Faulty wiring inside of the Robotman systems had an adverse affect on Cliff's brain, driving him insane. He flew into a rage and began rampaging throughout the city streets. Niles Caulder eventually approached him and offered to cure Cliff of the affliction that was driving him to lunacy. He finally calmed Robotman down long enough to perform the operation.

After the operation, Caulder offered Cliff a new lease on life. He asked him to become part of a special team of misfits dedicated towards the fight against evil. Joining with Negative Man and Elasti-Girl, the three new heroes became the first Doom Patrol.


Madame Rouge teams up with a former Nazi U-boat commander named Captain Zahl. Zahl and Rouge pilot their submarine to the the DP's secret island base. Zahl blames Niles Caulder for his disability and wants to kill him, but Rouge wants the Doom Patrol left alive so they can continue to suffer unending humiliation. Zahl launches several weapons designed to counter each of the Doom Patrol members' special abilities. He then tells them that he has planted a bomb in a small fishing village in Maine named Codsville, population: 14. He has a second bomb ready to destroy the Doom Patrol's island. He leaves it to the Doom Patrol to decide which bomb he shall detonate – confident that they will elect to save their own lives rather than that of fourteen strangers. Surprisingly, the Doom Patrol decide to sacrifice themselves rather than risk the deaths of the people of Codsville. Zahl pushes the plunger and the island explodes, killing the Doom Patrol.


Steele in his new body

It was later revealed that Steele had survived the blast, barely.[3]

Doc Magnus of the Metal Men outfitted him with a new robotic body to replace his old one.

New Career


Powers and Abilities


Schematic of Robotman's early body

Cybernetic Enhancement: All of Robotman's powers originate from his cybernetic components. The outer body shell is formed by multiple layers of special flexible ceramic metal. Other attributes of his robotic body include:

  • Magnetic plates allowing him the ability to scale metallic surfaces with relative ease.
  • Heat coils on his palm plating allowing him the ability melt dense material with a touch of his hands.
  • Transistorized voicebox
  • Shock-Mounted Steel Brain Case with protective fluid
  • Renewable brain nutrients liquid
  • Emergency oxygen supply
  • Computer interface for general check-up
  • Neuro-Electric Converter Amplifier
  • Mercury power batteries
  • Outer joints are invisible
Images of Cliff

Superhuman Durability: The metal components of Robotman's body are highly durable and can withstand extremes in pressure. Even when some of his components are destroyed, so long as his brain is unharmed, Cliff can simply replace the damaged "organ" with a new prosthetic.

Superhuman Strength: Robotman possesses superhuman strength, many times greater than that of a normal human. In his earliest form, he was just capable of lifting 10 tons using his entire body strength.[4]


Physically Active: Robotman is proficient in various physically related skills, including climbing, acrobatics, horseback riding, swimming etc.

Strength level

Robotman possesses superhuman strength.



Robotman once utilized a mobile video transceiver, which he kept mounted on his chest plate. This allowed him to stay in constant communication with the Chief.


  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985-86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Robotman's original body was invented by Dr. Niles Caulder who constructed it using a special ceramic polymer metal of his own design. Robotman later used an alternate body created by Dr. Will Magnus of the Metal Men. Cliff assumed this form for a brief period of time before reverting to a body more in line with his original design. In later years, the Lexcorp conglomerate began manufacturing cybernetic components that Cliff used as spare parts.


  • According to the timeline provided in Zero Hour #0, the Doom Patrol were one of the earliest super-hero teams active during the Silver Age era of comics. JLA: Year One #6 shows the Doom Patrol as experienced heroes working alongside the neophyte Justice League of America.
  • In 2005, Robotman and the rest of the Doom Patrol appeared in the two-part "Homecoming" episode of the Teen Titans animated television series. Actor Peter Onorati provided the voice for Robotman.
  • Steele had a collection of rare dixieland recordings. [5]
  • In Pre-Crisis continuity, claims to have won the pole-vault for alma matter Dartmouth in 1961.[6]

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  1. In Doom Patrol (Volume 2) #1, Cliff states that he weighs "half a ton" (1,000 lbs.), which is a great departure from the accepted weight of 295 lbs. It is possible that he may have gained in weight as more upgrades were added to his robotic systems over the years.
  2. Doom Patrol (Vol 4) #13
  3. Showcase #94
  4. My Greatest Adventure #83: The Chief tests Robotman's strength limits using an elevator.
  5. Doom Patrol #118
  6. Doom Patrol #118

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Final Fantasy

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Automaton may refer to:

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Automatons are machines in the Transformers Animated continuity family

Known by their proud creator as "tireless mechanical partners," the automatons have proven to be the foundation of economic and social development in the 22nd century. An all-purpose robotic product fleet invented by Isaac Sumdac, automatons perform a wide variety of jobs without fear, complaint, or (usually) error.

The fact that they were all reverse-engineered from a giant robot bent on killing everything around it is unknown, but what kind of problems could that cause? It's not like it's still online, right?

The robot revolution begins here—on a typical Sumdac Systems assembly line!

—Dr. Sumdac boasts of his creations, "Transform and Roll Out!"



Transformers Animated

Dr. Sumdac used technology from the crashed remains of Megatron as the basis for his robotics empire. By the early 22nd century, Detroit had become the world's automaton manufacturing capital, a clean and high-tech city. Robots performed many everyday jobs, including:

  • Garbage disposal
  • Babysitting
  • Dog walking
  • Janitorial services
  • Food preparation and sales
  • Building upkeep
  • Law enforcement
  • Media camera work
  • Heavy industry, including robot manufacture
  • Education
  • Espionage
  • Toys
  • Biomedical research

That last group, Sumdac's "microbots", was designed to enter infected organic systems and destroy the causes of disease, potentially one day allowing humans to achieve immortality. However, the Sumdac Systems technicians lost control of the microbot replication process, and the robots mutated their insect host into a giant, all-consuming monster that the Autobots had to defeat Transform and Roll Out!

Despite their usefulness, automatons are also resented by many humans who view the machines as having out-competed them for certain jobs. Prometheus Black staged robot-wrecking wrestling matches as a promotion for his own biochemical augmentation merchandise, to the cheers of large and eager crowds. Total Meltdown

Soundwave used his sonic control signals to reorganize Detroit's automatons into a revolutionary army. He directed some of them to merge with and augment his own body, and others to go on a rampage against humans and Autobots. Sound and Fury

Shards of the AllSpark are able to bring Sumdac's automatons to life--and they seem hostile. The Elite Guard

Pocketbots are small, insect-like automatons. Their exact function is a mystery, though it is notable they are each equipped with a tiny cutting laser. The pocketbots are a bit of a failure, as Sumdac could never get them to work.


Animated cartoon

When Megatron revived, he was able to transfer some of his energy to a pocketbot, taking control of it and using it as a spy. He slipped it into Sari's backpack upon learning she was heading to the Autobot base. Megatron used it to search for the AllSpark, but when the search ended with failure, he used it to transfer some energy to the factory's control station, allowing him to take control of the machinery in the Autobot base. After Bumblebee destroyed the console, Optimus Prime found the pocketbot. It escaped, only to be crushed by Bulkhead. Home Is Where the Spark Is

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