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Auto-Potion activated in Final Fantasy IX.

Auto Potion is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. A character with Auto Potion will automatically use the weakest Potion available to heal themselves when they are damaged.




Final Fantasy IV

Auto Potion is a Augment in the Nintendo DS version. When a character is equipped with Auto Potion, they will automatically use a Potion to heal themselves. It is given to the party when they find Rosa in Kaipo.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The item Doc's Code allows Zack to automatically use a Potion when his HP is critically low.

Final Fantasy VIII

Auto-Potion is a Support ability learned from three GFs: Leviathan, Cactuar, and Tonberry. Costs 150 AP to learn.

Final Fantasy IX

Auto Potion is a Support ability. The actions happens once the character who equips the ability is attacked by another unit. Auto Potion can be accessed via the accessory Gold Choker.

Final Fantasy X

Auto-Potion can be customized to any customizable armor by spending 4 Stamina Tablets. If a character possesses this ability, s/he will use a Potion to heal him/herself when damaged. A nice combination would be to equip the character with this ability and a Weapon with the Alchemy ability.

When the auto-ability is activated, the least powerful Potion available will be used, meaning Potions will be used first. If there are no Potions in the player's inventory, then Hi-Potions are used, and if there are no Hi-Potions, X-Potions are used.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Auto Potion is a Reaction ability the Chemist class learns for 400 JP. When a unit suffers HP loss from an attack, the unit equipped with this ability will use the lowest available Potion in the inventory. Therefore, even if there are 10 Hi-Potions and 1 Potion, the unit will use the Potion instead of the Hi-Potion.

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