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Auto Haste is a recurring ability which permanently maintains a Haste status on the user. Doing so usually protects against Slow as the two Status Effects counteract each other. This is also good in situations where haste would be Dispelled as it is simply reapplied immediately.




Final Fantasy V

The Hermes Sandals accessory will put Haste on a character as long as its equipped. The Haste status cannot be removed by death and grants immunity from Slow, Stop, and Sleep.

Final Fantasy VI

Auto Haste is enabled by the Hermes Sandals (Running Shoes), a Relic.

Final Fantasy VII

The Sprint Shoes accessory casts Auto-Haste.

Final Fantasy VIII

Auto-Haste is learned from the Guardian Force Cerberus.

Final Fantasy IX

Any character can learn Auto-Haste from the Running Shoes accessory and other, more character specific armor.

Final Fantasy X

Auto-Haste can be customized into armor by using 80 Chocobo Wings. Chocobo Wings can be stolen from Cactuar King, an Area Conquest monster, or bribed from Machea in the Omega Ruins.

Final Fantasy X-2

Auto-Haste is the innate ability of the Speed Bracer, and is also an ability gained by passing through the blue gate on the Garment Grid Something Unique, available only in the International version. It can also be accessed on the Garment Grid Mounted Assault by passing through all gates.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The female exclusive Tynar Rouge accessory enables Auto Haste. Other Accessories that impart this ability are the Septième, and Brigand's Gloves. The Excalibur Great Sword also gives the user the Haste status.

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