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The Auto-translator is a utility available in Final Fantasy XI. Final Fantasy Online is not only the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) RPG that crosses platforms between PS2, PS3, PC and X-Box 360, it is probably the only one that was so intentionally designed to actively mix people from different continents on the same server who speak different languages. The Auto-Translator is the best friend of people of different languages who are looking to do quests or party for experience together.

The auto translator has really no verbs, instead it has a large number of the following;

  • general nouns i.e. bed, boot, hand, meat, ring
  • place names i.e. Misereaux Coast, Phomiuna Aqueducts, Port Bastok, Qufim Island, Valkurm Dunes
  • specific equipment i.e. Scorpion Harness, Thief's Knife, Behemoth Mantle
  • emotes i.e. /amazed, /clap, /doze, /hurray, /sigh, /smile, /stare, /welcome
  • commands i.e. /heal, /shutdown, /map
  • game specific concepts i.e. Conquest Points, Notorious Monster, scisson, rook, Zilart
  • spells & abilities i.e. Accuracy Bonus, Burning Blade, Cure, Diablos, Focus, Protectra, Thundaga
  • common phrases i.e. Do you need it? Can I have it? Help me out! Party, In what order shall we do our skill chains?

The words in the auto-translator appear inside a green and red < and >. The words will appear in whatever language is native to the user. In this way Japanese people see words and terminology appear familiar to them while English appears for English users and for the most part, players get the idea.

The absence of verbs would seem to be a major problem for those wanting to communicate, but players work around it fairly easily. Most ideas can be communicated with out the use of a verb, many times "=" can be used as a form of the word to be despite the grammatical structure differences between English and Japanese, and O and X are generally understood to be yes/positive or no/negative.


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