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Auto Regen, also known as Regenerate or Regenerator, is an ability that provides a constant Regen status during battles.




Final Fantasy V

Auto Regen is granted to any character equipped with the Protect Ring.

Final Fantasy VI

The Cure Ring grants Auto Regen to the character it is equipped to.

Final Fantasy IX

Auto-Regen can be learned by all characters . It is learned from the Golem's Flute, Golden Hairpin, Carabini Mail, Brave Suit, Light Robe, Glutton's Robe, Angel Earrings, and Maiden Prayer.

Final Fantasy X

Auto Regen can be customized into armor by using 80 Healing Springs.

Final Fantasy X-2

Auto Regen is an ability learned by the Berserker Dressphere. The Recovery Bracer accessory also has this effect.

Final Fantasy XI

Auto-Regen is a trait for White Mages and may be gained by Blue Mages via combining certain Blue Magic. It restores 1 HP per tick. Additional effects may be gained through equipment too.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Regenerate is a Reaction ability the White Mage class learns for 400 JP. Whenever a unit suffers an HP damage from an attack, the unit will automatically cast Regen on themselves. The Chaos Blade Knight Sword gives Auto Regen instantly to its user, as does the Accessory Chantage.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Auto Regen is available to Hunters, Gadgeteers, and Snipers as a Reaction Ability. It grants the unit the Regen status upon being hit.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Regenerate is available to Hunters, Tinkers, and Snipers as a Reaction Ability. It has the same effects as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's Auto Regen.

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