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Auto-Life is a recurring beneficial status effect in the series, usually associated with the spell Reraise or the spell of the same name. Once a character reaches 0 HP with Auto-Life on them, they will automatically revive (without using any items or MP) with very little HP, usually enough for them to be killed again in one attack. It first originated in Final Fantasy VI as the spell Life3, and has since appeared in various other titles.




Final Fantasy VI

Auto-Life can only be used through the spell Reraise (originally called Life3 in the SNES and PS versions). It will automatically revive a fallen party member with barely any HP.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Phoenix Down's have a similar effect as Auto-Life. It places a feather over Zack's head that revives him when he gets knocked out. The status can also be obtained from a Shinra employee in the lobby at any time.

Final Fantasy IX

Auto-Life reappears once again as a status effect only usable by few means. The Auto-Life support ability grants one instance of Auto-Life at the beginning of each battle. Quina can also cast the Blue Magic spell Auto-Life, and Amarant has the Flair ability Aura which grants Regen and Auto-Life to the target. The character is resurrected with 1 HP after being knocked out. which makes it quite useful when paired with Quina's Limit Glove.

Final Fantasy X

Auto-Life can only be used via the spell Auto-Life or through the Mix ability Hyper Mighty G, and as in Final Fantasy VI, the party member will automatically revive once KO'ed with minimal HP.

Final Fantasy X-2

Auto-Life can only be used via the spell of the same name, though the spell itself can only be used once the player goes through all colored gates on the Salvation Promised or Supreme Light Garment Grids.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Reraise status will automatically revive a fallen unit after his CT count reaching 100% during the dying status, rendering the unit active right after his revival. (As well as being the first instance of not instantly reviving after being KO'ed.) The unit will revive with minimal HP as in other installments. This status can be used via the white magick spell of the same name or the reaction ability Dragonheart of the Dragoon class, triggered by any kinds of damage. 2 accessories in the game also provide the Reraise status. The Angel's Ring grants the wearer Reraise status once per battle; The perfume Chantage (which is only equippable by female human class) will offer unlimited Reraise status, rendering the wearer never to be crystalised or turned into a treasure box after her death.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Once KO'ed, the character will be revived automatically, as though they had the Life spell used on them. The status can be put on characters via the Auto-Life spell, the Dragonheart reaction ability, the Aura ability, or the Angel Whisper spell.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

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