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Auto-Life in Final Fantasy IX.

Auto-Life, also known as Life 3 or Reraise, is a recurring status effect and White Magic spell from the Final Fantasy series. It automatically revives an ally the next time he or she is knocked out.




Final Fantasy IV

Some enemies cast an ability called Reraise in the Nintendo DS release, but this is a mistranslation. The ability called "Reraise" essentially works like a normal "Raise" spell, and revives the caster's allies.

The Augment Ability Phoenix also works as an Auto-Life ability.

Reraise as seen in Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VI

Reraise, also known as Life 3, revives a character when knocked out. The character is brought back with minimal HP leaving the player to attempt Desperation Attacks or heal immediately. The Phoenix Magicite teaches this spell at a rate of x1. Additionally, Gau can cast the Reraise spell by using his Destroyer Rage. It costs 50 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy IX

Quina can learn the Blue Magic spell Auto-Life by eating either Carrion Worm, Gimme Cat, Cerberus, Yan, or Stilva. It costs 14 MP to use.

Final Fantasy X

"A salvation promised."
—Yuna, when casting Auto-Life

Auto-Life is the final spell obtained on the White Mage path of the standard Sphere Grid - it is located right next to the beginning of the path, but one would need at least two Lvl.4 Key Spheres to reach it that way. Like previous Final Fantasy games, the character is resurrected after KO with minimal HP. The spell cannot be reflected. It costs 97 MP to cast.

During the final battle against Yu Yevon, all seven party members have Auto-Life permanently placed on them, which makes the battle impossible to lose, unless they petrify themselves.

There are several bosses that can remove Auto-Life status from a character: Th'uban, an optional boss in the Monster Arena, most of the Dark Aeons, and the Left Arm of Penance.

The Mix Hyper Mighty G also causes Auto-Life status.

Final Fantasy X-2

Auto-Life appears here also and can only be obtained by equipping either the Salvation Promised or Supreme Light Garment Grids and spherechanging through the colored gates. It costs 99 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy XI

Reraise is a status effect that lasts one hour from the time that it is cast. During this time if a character is killed, he will instantly be eligible for a Raise. He does not have to instantly accept it in the case that it would be dangerous for him to be raised in his current position. The spell's top tier (corresponding to Raise III) is only learnable by White Mages, but the other two tiers may also be learned by Scholars, and the lowest tier can be achieved by any Job subbing White Mage, Scholar, or receiving the area-of-effect Bard song Goddess's Hymnus. In addition, certain consumable items may grant any of the tiers to any Job.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Reraise spell revives the knocked out character to a critical amount of HP once their CT reaches 100, which means that the character will not revive instantly, but will rise before being crystallized or turned into an item. The Reraise status is then removed from the character. Famous tricks with this status effect include using accessories Chantage and Angel Ring in order to have Reraise on at all times. The Dragoon's Support ability Dragonheart grants Reraise when attacked by a enemy physically. It costs 16 MP to use, has a speed of 15, and cost 100 JP to learn.

In the PS1 version, there is a chance that the user will say, upon casting this spell, "Inject life's energy! Reraise!".

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Auto-Life is the White Mage spell that causes the status Auto-Raise, shown by an Angel appearing above the characters head. After the character faints, the game automatically uses Life on the character. The Titania's Angel Whisper also grants Auto-Life while also healing HP, and the Defender's Aura will grant this as well as Regen. The Dragoon's Dragonheart reaction ability also grants them Auto-Life when they suffer a weapon attack.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Reraise is a White Magick that grants the status Auto-Life to a character. The Blue Magick Angel Whisper and the ability Aura of Defender, as well as the ability Nameless Song that Hurdy can use can also grant Reraise status (though since Nameless Song randomly bestows buffs, it may take a few tries to get the Reraise status).

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