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The Authority

Official Name
The Authority
Team Aliases


Team Identity


Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)

Created to protect the earth from threats internal and external.

First appearance





The Circle (The Authority #1-4) The Authority make their first public appearance to stop Kaizen Gamorra, an old enemy of Stormwatch, who wants to take advantage of Stormwatch's breakup to take revenge upon the world. To do this he uses engineered supersoldiers to destroy first Moscow and then part of London. The Authority manage to stop the attack on London, then predict the third and final attack in Los Angeles in time to avert it. Midnighter uses the Carrier to destroy the superhuman clone factory on Gamorra's island.

Shiftships (#5-8) The Authority have to stop an invasion by a parallel Earth, specifically a parallel Britain called Sliding Albion. As it turns out, Jenny Sparks has met them before when their shiftships first appeared in 1920. Sliding Albion is a world where open contact between aliens (the blues) and humans during the 16th century led to interbreeding and an imperialist culture similar to the Victorian British Empire. After the Authority repel the initial wave of attacks, Jenny takes the Carrier to the Sliding Albion universe where she has the Doctor destroy Italy and what's left of the blues' regime along with it. In an all-frequencies message, she tells the people to take advantage of the second chance and "We are the Authority. Behave." It is during this arc that Apollo and Midnighter's relationship is revealed, though it had been hinted at before.

The Nativity (#13-16) Now under Jack Hawksmoor's leadership, the Authority try but fail to capture Jenny Quantum, the newborn Spirit of the Twenty-First Century, already proven to be more powerful than Sparks ever was. Instead, she is taken by a superhero-creating mastermind, Dr. Jacob Krigstein, who wants Jenny so he can shape the next century through her. Swift cuts a deal for custody of Jenny with Krigstein, who is granted lab space aboard the Carrier, and the chance to exercise his imagination reforming the dictatorships the Authority overthrows.

Earth Inferno (#17-20) The Authority face the Earth itself, which is about to catastrophically reverse its magnetic poles, spurred on to do so by a former Doctor who was stripped of his powers when he went renegade. In exchange for one hour's worth of full power from the current Doctor, the renegade agrees to save humanity. With no other options, the Authority evacuate the entire population of Earth to alternate Earths, then agree to the exchange. The renegade takes on and almost completely destroys the Authority with his new power before the full scope of his powers and experience catches up to him, and he is overwhelmed with empathy for all the living creatures left on Earth. Apollo and the Engineer kill him and the Earth's population returns home, some thrilled by their adventures.

All Tomorrow's Parties (#21) Jackson King and Christine Trelane attend a party on the Carrier. This issue acts as a prologue to the Monarchy miniseries.

Brave New World (#22, 27-29) Tired with the Authority's interference with the activities of their governments, the G7 nations decide to replace them with a group more subject to their interests. They send their secret weapon, an American hillbilly named Seth whom they turned into a monstrous superhuman stated to have over a thousand super powers, to attack the Authority. Seth neutralizes all of the Authority except for Midnighter, who manages to escape with baby Jenny.

Transfer Of Power (#23-26) The ideals of the original Authority give way to the unprincipled new team, who work directly for the G7 nations, do not question orders, and have all they can wish for. The new team (see the characters section below) possess the same powers and/or distinctive appearances as the original team, and most take variations of their names. The electrically-powered, Union Flag-clad Colonel (Britain) is patterned after Jenny Sparks, Swift is replaced with Rush (Canada), the Doctor is replaced with the Surgeon (France), Engineer is replaced with the Machine (Japan), Apollo is replaced with Teuton (Germany), Midnighter is replaced with Last Call (Italy), and Hawksmoor is replaced with Street (USA). See "Other members of the Authority," below, for more detailed descriptions of the characters. On their first ride in the Carrier, the new team discover thousands of refugees whom the previous Authority had been sheltering onboard the ship, some of them still alive. They dump them out into a realm called Re-Space, only to discover to their cost that Re-Space allows people to re-imagine their world - the refugees take the G7 leaders' wealth as their own, attack the Carrier and reimagine the Authority, transforming the newcomers into the original team. But Last Call's homophobia surges up when the re-imagined Apollo touches him; they break free and return the Earth to the way it was before.

"Brave New World" continues with the previous members of the Authority having been mind-wiped and forced into humiliating new lives. Midnighter, the only one to have escaped, infiltrates the Carrier. He frees his imprisoned lover Apollo and between them they kill the rest of the new Authority, leaving only Seth to deal with. At a G7 reunion, Swift finds herself freed from her mind control due to the death of Machine just in time to find out about Seth's "off-button" code phrase. The original Authority regroup but Seth again takes them all down, leaving only baby Jenny - who speaks aloud the code phrase and turns Seth back into an easily-defeated human. The story, and the first volume of The Authority, close with Apollo and Midnighter marrying, and adopting baby Jenny.

High Stakes (The Authority v2 #0) The Authority battle an invasion from Viceworld, a world-sized casino and pleasure complex catering to people across the multiverse, whose owner started the invasion so people could bet on whether or not the Authority would be able to stop it.

Reality Incorporated (#1-4) The Authority battle an attack by inter-dimensional suicide bombers in Chicago. After all of but one of the bombers is destroyed, the last has a change of heart and surrenders. The US Army tries (and fails) to arrest the Authority afterwards, because the US government now considers it a hostile power. On the Carrier the bomber reveals that the responsible party is Reality Incorporated, a multiversal corporation with what amount to multi-billion dollar interests in 36 parallel universes, which terraforms inhabited planets into vast resources of fossil fuel to sell across the multiverse. A meeting with Wade Walker, representative of Reality Inc., confirms that they wipe out or enslave civilisations during this process, and they intend to do the same to the Authority's Earth. After a hard battle, the Authority is able to destroy Reality Inc.'s all-out fleet attack just as it enters Earth space, thanks to the sacrifice of the surviving suicide bomber.

Behemoth (#5) The Engineer tells young Jenny Quantum a sanitized version of how they confronted a giant monster who was attacking Kuala Lumpur. The monster was a six-year-old boy whose latent powers were activated by a confrontation with his abusive father. The Doctor, in an action he's not proud of, was forced to assume the form of the boy's father to threaten him into submission, leaving the boy in a vegetative state.

Godhead (#6-9) John Clay, a former actor and active metahuman, has begun infecting members of the public with a highly contagious psychic virus which causes utter devotion to himself, and channels a portion of the infected's energies into him, turning him into a physical metahuman of the highest order. Members of the Authority struggle in vain to avoid "the transcendence," with only Apollo, Swift and the Engineer left active. However, Midnighter actively fights the change, and the Doctor, although infected, uses his link to the former Doctors and the Garden of Ancestral Memory to free himself, allowing him to psychically hijack Clay's psionic control network and invert it. Enormous, the Doctor plucks the beaten Clay up, and swallows him.

At the end of this arc the Doctor creates the Church of the Shaman, seeking to provide a religious alternative for many of those who had felt disillusioned by conventional religions in the wake of Clay's cult.

Coup d'État (4-issue miniseries) "Coup d'État" was the Wildstorm crossover event that placed the Authority as the sole governing body of the United States and explored the reactions of the protagonists of other Wildstorm comics: WildCats, Stormwatch: Team Achilles, and Sleeper. The United States government obtains an engine that can go through the Bleed, giving them the opportunity to explore, and exploit, other worlds. Although they have been warned by the Authority, the government launches the engine without knowing what will happen next. That ignorance results in the engine creating a rip in the Bleed and the partial destruction of a shiftship parked on the "other side" at the time, which then falls on and completely destroys the state of Florida, leading to millions of deaths and bringing Earth to the brink of inter-dimensional war with the rest of the ship's passengers' species. After discovering the responsible party, the Authority stages a bloodless coup and successfully takes control of the United States.

Fractured World (The Authority 10-13) Reality appears to be tearing apart at the seams as dozens of holes open up into the Bleed, bringing either natural disaster or villainous parallel-world metahumans through into the Wildstorm Universe. The Authority are confounded and all but ineffective. At the same time, they face a legal claim to right of child custody from a woman claiming to be the mother of Jenny Quantum. Since the DNA test by the Engineer produces a confirmed match, the woman is allowed on board the Carrier to see her daughter. It is revealed that the woman is in fact Jenny Quantum's twin sister, Jenny Fractal, raised by Chinese authorities into a killing machine, hating all life and Quantum in particular, and that she is the one responsible for the Bleed fractures. In the ensuing fight, Quantum is killed. The only solution that can be found is for Midnighter to go back in time to the maternity ward where the Jenny twins were held - knowing instinctively which one is his daughter, he kills Fractal in her sleep. In the present, Fractal's body drops dead, allowing Quantum's spirit to inhabit it, taking her twin's body as her own.

Street Life (#14) A short story that covers Jack Hawksmoor's past and his personal vendetta for the killing of an old love.

The Eternal Return (The Authority: Revolution #1-12) The Authority are plagued by a group of old superhumans called the Sons of Liberty, consisting of old patriotic superheroes from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. They rally American citizens discontented with the Authority's take-over of the US government, and lead a series of riots across the nation, answering to a mysterious man in a hood who operates his own Carrier and has an entire alien race under his control. While the team struggle to control this threat, the Midnighter receives an unsettling visit from an aged Apollo, who claims to have traveled from the future. He shows Midnighter a future in which Authority rule has reduced the world to a totalitarian dictatorship, and in which Midnighter himself has become a brain-damaged despot. Apollo tells Midnighter this future can be avoided only if he breaks up the Authority. Soon the leader of the Sons of Liberty, a hero codenamed Paul Revere, challenges the Authority to face him and his comrades on the White House lawn. In the ensuing battle the White House, and much of Washington, D.C., is destroyed. Ashamed by their failure, the Authority resign as rulers of the United States, and disband. The Doctor dismantles his Church of the Shaman. At the end of the fifth chapter, the mysterious man in the hood is revealed to be ex-Weatherman Henry Bendix himself, who then takes over the United States in the Authority's absence. Three years pass and much has changed in the Wildstorm Universe. Jack Hawksmoor and the Engineer have taken the Carrier for themselves and travel through the multiverse for pleasure. The Midnighter battles crime all over the world, leaving Apollo to look after their adopted daughter, Jenny Quantum. Swift has retired to a Buddhist monastery in Tibet. Tragically, the Doctor has apparently died from a drug overdose. While visiting the Doctor's grave, Jenny Quantum, now eight years old, decides to travel to the Garden of Ancestral Memory where all the previous Doctors went when they died. She learns that Jeroen is not there and never has been. Back at her home, Jenny is visited by a future version of herself who brings her to the Infinite City - a dimension housing past Jennies, comparable to the Garden of Ancestral Memory. There Jenny Sparks, realizing that Bendix has been manipulating the team, advises her to reunite the Authority to fight him. Jenny Quantum then returns home, causing herself to advance to age 14 - realising she needs to grow up to handle the looming threat. She sets about reuniting the Authority, who agree under her leadership to go after Bendix. Meanwhile, Henry Bendix reveals how he overthrew the Authority to the newly reincarnated Rose Tattoo, the Spirit of Murder. Bendix used Rose to seduce and murder the Doctor and capture his soul, which Bendix used as a compass to locate the new Doctor: a teenaged Palestinian suicide bomber named Habib Ben Hassan. Bendix then captured Habib and imprisoned him in a cell on his Carrier where the boy was cut off from his powers. Soon after this revelation Jenny succeeds in freeing both Doctors, returning them to Earth. Bendix then reveals himself to the Authority, appearing on their Carrier with Rose Tattoo and a legion of his alien followers. They fight and Bendix uses mind-control to turn the Midnighter against his allies. But Jenny Quantum and the Engineer are able to free the Midnighter from Bendix's control, and then bring the fight back to him. With the element of surprise on their side they are able to win and free the world from Bendix's fascist control. Habib is able to turn Rose Tattoo to the side of the angels, making her the Spirit of Life instead of the Spirit of Murder, and Jenny Quantum decides to let her join the team. The volume ends at a party Jenny has arranged between the past Jennies and Doctors.

Worldstorm (Captain Atom: Armageddon #1-9) DCU superhero Captain Atom finds himself stranded in the Wildstorm Universe. Majestic of the Wildcats discovers that the dimension-leap has fundamentally destabilised Atom, and concludes that his continued presence in the Wildstorm Universe will cause its imminent entropic destruction. The Authority offer to help Captain Atom find the way home, cruising the Bleed in search of the DC Universe, and at first he strikes up a romantic relationship with the Engineer. However, Atom becomes horrified by the Wildstorm superheroes' casual attitudes toward violence and the lives of ordinary people. At the same time, Jack Hawksmoor discovers that Captain Atom can neither be sent home nor defused - to save the Wildstorm Universe, he must be killed. In the following battle the Engineer is depowered, and Apollo kills Grifter (of the Wildcats) who is fighting on Captain Atom's side. In retaliation Captain Atom kills Apollo, Midnighter, and Jenny Quantum, and the surviving members of the Authority discover too late that even Captain Atom's death would not save the Wildstorm Universe. It transpires that Wildcats superhero Void, now occupying the body of young EMT worker Nikola Hanssen, has located the missing half of her fractured essence in Captain Atom's body, and she reclaims it to fulfill her own power. It is she who ultimately destroys and reboots the universe, vowing "I remember what it feels like to be weak and afraid -- it's not going to be like that anymore."


Utopian (The Authority v4) In an alternate universe entirely without superheroes, a British family man named Ken is sent to locate a Norwegian submarine which collided with something gigantic in the Norwegian Sea. He finds it on the ocean floor, with many of its crew missing, alongside and dwarfed by the Authority's Carrier, which has apparently crashed there. Notably, no members of the Authority appear in this first issue. The second issue opens with the Authority in the Carrier musing over their predicament. They learn that the Earth they've landed on is of a low energy universe, with no superhumans. Confounding this is that the universe does not have any apparent means of support for the Carrier, which is dying due to the crash. Midnighter arrives as we learn that he was the one who appeared through the "door" in the first issue and killed the terrorists who hijacked the sub. Outside the Carrier, Ken and his crew are shocked by the Carrier's appearance, and are more shocked as a "door" opens and transports them into the Carrier. Inside, Swift introduces herself to Ken, who is still confused by it all. Meanwhile, Jack Hawksmoor and The Doctor take a trip to Manhattan and browse through the Forbidden Planet, and discover that their adventures have been recorded in Wildstorm trade paperbacks. The Doctor discovers a new problem--the longer they stay on this Earth, things would start to go wrong with the planet's laws of nature. Midnighter is agitated over the fact that they're forced to remain on the Carrier when they could be out making this Earth a finer world. Ken is introduced to the Authority as Midnighter prepares to go find Apollo (who was out flying in an attempt to recharge solar energy). Apollo saw injured people in Afghanistan and is shot down by U.S. military forces. While Ken begins to wonder if The Authority's methods and beliefs are sound, Hawksmoor learns Midnighter has arrived to Apollo's location first. As military forces arrive at Apollo's crash site, Midnighter prepares for battle...

World's End (Authority v. 5 #1 - present) After the Number of the Beast program disgorges its inmates into the world, the Carrier was crashed in london. Now, rampant electromagnetism has robbed the Engineer of her powers, Jack Hawksmoor has been crippled by the destruction of so many world cities, and smog has forced Apollo to spend most of his time in space(since without constant sunlight he will die). The remains of the team are working hard to save the people of London.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: The Carrier


In The Authority: Revolution it revealed the original Carrier was placed in Earth orbit primarily for the benefit of Henry Bendix by an alternate Bendix from another universe, because Bendixes are rare in the Wildstorm multiverse and they look out for one another. Unable to make use of the Authority's Carrier, Bendix instead obtains an identical Carrier of his own from the same (still as-yet unrevealed) place the first one originated. It is visually similar to the authority's Carrier, though doubled and connected at the center between them. At the climax of the story, Bendix is defeated but the Authority's Carrier is destroyed; they take Bendix's Carrier over instead.

In Captain Atom: Armageddon, Captain Atom is accidentally transplanted from the DC Universe into the Wildstorm Universe. In this story the Carrier appears to consist of two identical Carriers joined together, which is in line with the one acquired from Bendix at the end of Authority: Revolution.

During Wildstorm Comics' WorldStorm event the Wildstorm universe was given a "soft reboot". As a result several Wildstorm titles have been re-launched, including a new Authority comic in December 2006. The new Authority comic is set on an Earth entirely without superheroes, and so far the Carrier is the only "member" of the Authority to have appeared, being found buried and inert at the bottom of the Norwegian Sea. It also appears to have changed dimensions slightly: it is now only 20 miles tall, but 8 miles wide.


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Character Template Help

[[File:|200px|center|Tito Mendez (Earth-616)]]
Real Name
Tito Mendez
Current Alias


The Authority

Nicole Mendez (wife, decased), Rafael Mendez (father, decased)



5' 10"

180 lbs (82 kg)



Unusual Features
Mendez shaves his head bald.

Information broker

Extensively self-taught

First appearance


History of character is unknown.


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The Authority is a legendary Transformer from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Massive psychotic breaks with reality are the right of all sentient beings.

The mysterious Authority is the leader of the Transformers who have retreated to the sanctuary of the paraphysical nightmare realm J'nwan. Although the group appears to make all decisions as a collective, it is the Authority who vocally communicates with those brave, foolish or desperate enough to seek them out.


3H comics

Sandstorm, the leader of a rebellion in a 32nd century firmly under the heel of the tyrannical Shokaract, entered J'nwan to plead with the heroes of Cybertron's past for aid. He hoped to convince them to join the fight against the Predacon warlord. After a mind-crushing journey which left all of his companions dead or deranged, Sandstorm finally found an audience with the Authority and his brethren, but they declined to help, with the Authority stating that their time was past and the war was no longer their war. The Authority then in some way manipulated Sandstorm's trip out of J'nwan such that it was comparatively short and simple.

Despite the Authority's statement, the ancient Transformers of J'nwan did indeed join in the fight against Shokaract when the time came, with Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Megatron and Soundwave travelling to prehistoric Earth. Whether the Authority was among their number is not clear.

The travellers returned to J'nwan during the timestorm resulting from Shokaract's death and the destruction of the Dark Essence. What effect any of these actions had on their native timeline, and whether the Authority and his kin reside in J'nwan in any other timeline, is not revealed. Terminus

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Image:Badge history 01.png


You have learned the history of Freedom Phalanx.

Associated History Monuments

Location Table

Monument Zone Location ( x z y )
Authority Talos Island 1777 22 7843
Authority Independence Port 910 100 -4175
Authority Independence Port -1035 36 -2441
Authority Dark Astoria 3420 46 3038
Authority Terra Volta 351 196 -3605

Monument 1

Monument 1, located in Talos Island. Click image for larger version.


When the Freedom Phalanx became the legally recognized Super Group in 1953, a grand celebration was held at this site. Among the attendees was Vambrace, who said, 'I am humbled by the faith you have placed in myself and the Freedom Phalanx. Again and again, the people of this city remind me why it is a place worth fighting for.'


This plaque is in Talos Island. It is at the base of the statue of Talos, behind its left heel.

Its coordinates are (1777, 22, 7843)

Monument 2

Monument 2, located in Independence Port. Click image for larger version.


When the Freedom Phalanx became the first legally recognized Super Group in 1953, Statesman held a conference at Valor Bridge. He said, 'The valiant hero Atlas died defending the city on this very bridge. I do not know how to thank you for your faith in the Freedom Phalanx, except to say that I, too, am ready to die in your defense.'


This plaque is in Independence Port, at the north end of Valor Bridge. It is 180 yards south of the Valor Bridge marker.

Its coordinates are (910, 100, -4175).

Monument 3

Monument 3, located in Independence Port. Click image for larger version.


In 1953, the Freedom Phalanx prevented a ship bearing copious amounts of explosives from docking at this harbor. When the captain was interrogated, it became clear that he was on a mission of sabotage. Public sentiment for the Freedom Phalanx swelled, and Mayor Kyle Legretsky proposed that the Citizens Crime Fighting Act be expanded. He proposed that groups such as the Freedom Phalanx be officially sanctioned fighting forces.


This plaque is Independence Port, along the road west of Icon. It is 188 yards due west of the Tailor shop.

Its coordinates are (-1035, 36, -2441)

Monument 4

Monument 4, located in Dark Astoria


When the Freedom Phalanx became an officially recognized Super Group in 1953, the hero Vambrace made a pledge. 'Dark Astoria will be restored to its natural state,' he said. 'The Freedom Phalanx is committed to saving every part of Paragon City, even those that may seem lost.


This plaque is in Dark Astoria. It is approximately 178 yards east-southeast from the Toffet Terrace marker.

Its coordinates are (3420, 46, 3038).

Monument 5

Monument 5, located in Terra Volta


In 1953, citizens poured into the streets in support of the Freedom Phalanx becoming a legally recognized Super Group. The workers of Terra Volta were particularly adamant in their support, having witnessed many villainous activities over the past few decades. Each night, when the factory whistles blew, a shout would go up across the zone, echoing in the evening air: 'Freedom Phalanx! Freedom Phalanx!'

Note: This one blends in REALLY well, it took me like 2 hours to find. It looks like the color of one of the dumpsters, but if you look closely then there are engravings on it. Good luck


This plaque is in Terra Volta, east and just a little north of the reactor.

Its coordinates are (351, 196, -3605).


Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member Badge        

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